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Easter cointest


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And the winner so far is The-Wolf-Pack with 224 posts. B)


It looks like the battle for the most posts is between The-Wolf-Pack and dardevle can they keep up until Monday night?????


224 = The-Wolf-Pack :P

211 = dardevle :huh:

024 = 501_Gang


010 = fairyhoney

008 = wavesprite

006 = sweetlife

005 = PengoFamily

004 = 007BigD

004 = DaFunkyFrogs

003 = Ble68

002 = GBOTS

002 = menace66

002 = Steinwälzer

001 = dimkasmir

001 = E&Cplus3

001 = gardengorilla

001 = grodan & fiabus

001 = hollora

001 = jipow

001 = KrazyTrollz

001 = R/GBOTS

001 = The Skylark Four

001 = TheCollector

001 = ThePetersTrio

001 = wwflover13


The last post in this count is from R/GBOTS Today at 07:12 AM


:DGood luck, keep on posting, you also can win in this cointest. :D


:huh:Not only the most post will win but there is also a random winner B)

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Well, like I told The-Wolf-Pack last night, I think that I have


PETER COTTONTAILED out. I was fast as a HARE out of


the gate but dropped the EGG late last night with 211


posts. B):P:huh: I'll be HOPPING back in


later today and sunday night to post pictures or our Easter day!


Thanks for the EGGCELLENT cointest Geo.Error, it has been


alot of fun. And it looks like so far that a congratulations is in order for


The-Wolf-Pack unless someone else can catch them! :huh:B)





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I will post some jokes!


One day, the rabbit went to the tiger's house! He knocks the door and the Tiger's kid opened the door!

- Yes?

- Goodmorning!! Is your father home?

- No! He went to his work!

- Oh...really! When he comes back, tell him that if I see him, I will beat him hard for eating other animals!!!

- Oh...Ok sir!


The rabbit left and went to his house!

when the wolf came back home, his child told him what the rabbit said!


- What? Oh....He probably ate too many carrots!!! :huh: do not worry my child!!!


Next morning, the rabbit goes back to wolf's house!

the tiger's child opened the door again!

- Yes?

- Goodmorning my child! Is your father home today???

- No sir he just left!

- Again??? did you say to him that I am looking for him and he is not here??? Tell him that if I see him I will beat him hard!!!

- Oh...oh..Ok sir!!!


When the wolf came home late at night, his child told him everything!!!

- Hmmm.... this is getting serious!!! Not only he is saying stupid things and plays with his head, but he also scaring my child! I will give him a lesson! I will not go anywhere tomorrow!!!


Next morning, the rabbit knocked Tiger's door again!

The child rabbit opened the door!

- Yes?

- Is your father home today???

YES I AM!!! the wolf said and started chasing the rabbit!

the rabbit was faster but the wolf was strong too!

- I am going to eat you know!!! said the wolf

- catch me if you can!!! said the rabbit!


after some hour wolf was about to catch the rabbit! While he was about to do that, the rabbit found a fallen hollow tree hegoes inside and the wolf followed him! The rabbit went out from the other side, but....the wolf stuckhis head in the hole!


The rabbit went close to the wolf and started beating him!!!

-Take that, and that, and that for eating and terrifying other animals!!!! and I have to tell you something dear wolf! I could beat you in your house too, but I didn't want your child to see it!


***The real joke is a little more.... but I had to change it to be more polite! :huh:

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We took our kids to an Easter egg hunt at our local community center. Elise is 3, and Jon is 23 months old. She's in the striped sweatshirt, and he's in the blue jacket.





After the egg hunt, they got their faces painted.



Happy Easter everyone!

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The rabbit was sitting under a tree and he was smoking....you know!


A lizart came close to him and saw him smiking!


- what is that?

- that is a cigarette!

- oh! a cigarette?

- Yes! do you want to try?

- I do not know....I ...

- come on! try it!

- ok!


The lizart try it but she didn't like it at all!!!


- This is awful!!! What are you doing??? My thoat! I need water now!

- take this road you will find the lake!

- Ok! I will go drink some water and I will come back!

- Ok!!!


The lizart went to the lake and there he met with the crocodile!

- Hello cousin! How are you? The crocodile said!

- Oh! I am not feeling well!!! Rabbit gave me to try a strange cigarette and now I feel bad!

- The rabbit??? Hmmm and where is the rabbit now???

- there....under the big tree!

- I will go to say to him a few words!!!


The crocodile took the road and after 10 minutes he saw the rabbit!

the rabbit was dizzy with the cigarette so he couldn't see clear!

when the crocodile came closer, the rabbit saw him and said loudly:

My God!!! How many water did you drunk?????

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A farmer goes to the doctor!


- Oh my doctor! I have a huge problem!

- what? what is wrong?

- when it is getting dark, hundrents of rabbits are coming in my farm and start playing football!!! they make noice, they start fighting, they selebrating when they score a goal...they even have fans!!! With all that noice, I can not sleep!!!

It is a week now and this is happening every night!!! I have to get some sleep!!!


- hmm...I have never heard anything like that! I will write you some pills, so you will be relaxed!


A week passed and the farmer goes back to the doctor!


- Oh my doctor!!! Please help me!!! The pills didn't work!! Now the rabbits brought fireworks, cheerleaders, they make more noice and all the time they are playing football! they have their championship!!!!

I can not sleep so in the morning I can not work!!!


- The pills didn't work??? Thaen you need something strong!!! I will write you some very strong pills! when you take one, you will sleep for hours!!! You will start them from today!!!


- Oh!!! Today???? Is it possible to start from tomorrow???


- Tomorrow? why?


- well today it's the final in the rabbit championship, so... !!!!!

- !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I hear sound the bells as a child,

i ren to the outside.

the easter bunnys came,

then flown towards.

I thought with eggs,

very animated looking at to air .

but the easter bunny was already on the flight,

and then Sunday morning looking for eggs!

In the garden in all angles what was that a festival coloured eggs,

was nevertheless of an animal!

Then together to table have the easter breakfast,

boys that were the bunny time`s!

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Well with this being my second post I don't think I will be catching the wolf pack.


Is'nt this were it all started?




Hello my friend! Welcome to the foroum!!!


This picture is from Easte Island in Polynesia!!


The name Easter Island was given by its first recorded European visitor, the Dutch explorer Jacob Roggeveen, who encountered Easter Island on Easter Sunday 1722, while searching for Davis or David's island. The island's official Spanish name, Isla de Pascua, is Spanish for "Easter Island".




Well... The magic word is Easter so....good point!!! :)

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