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Lang Spoon Cache Bash


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If Fife is a Kingdom..... who is the King?


Having spent the last 17 years working in the Kingdom of Fife, I have often wondered this myself and your post prompted me to finally find out.


It's very interesting and more can be found here. The last King was in the 7th century apparently, and he was called Fibh, from which Fife seems to have got its name.


Fife was described as a "beggar's mantle fringed with gold' by King James VI of Scotland (Ok James 1 too), which is a description that I find very apt and applicable today. Some of the interior ex-mining towns are very depressing especially on a dreich day, but the coastal villages and the rural landsacpe further north and east is wonderful. All attendees at the event should find places that they never knew about and lots of interesting things to see. That is, if they have any time to look beyond 110 new caches :)

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The caches have now been published.....






and , according to Decci, this breaks the UK record for the highest No of caches specifically set for a event published at the same time!!


It was a group effort with us but Decci reviewed them all on his own. A HUGE thanks to him from all of us



Jean (on behalf of Fife Cachers)


Edited 'cause I can't spell!!

Edited by third generation
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Sorry Jean but there is a revised figure :anitongue: the total should read 141, 4 some how got glitched in the reviewing process so weren't in the bookmark all the rest were published from ;) and 1 had to be retracted due to permission being partially withdrawn whilst another user group commented on the location [a sort of belts and braces approach]


I'd just like to say well done, especially over the way you all collaborated over the placements so as not to cause proximity issues. It made reviewing them a lot easier :anitongue:

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