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Help needed with a film on Geocaching

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I have been contacted by someone who would like a geocacher (or geocachers) to "star" in a film about geocaching. I quote his original message:


I am an independent filmmaker looking to make a short documentary on the Geo caching experience. I have recently started producing a number of short documentaries for Current TV and one of these is going to be about Geo caching. This is something I know little about so I'm looking to find someone or a group who I can interview and film to understand it.


The documentary would basically be about understanding what Geo caching is and undertaking an adventure with the people in the film, learning how it works and the type of people that get involved.


I would like to know if you would be interested in participating in this documentary, essentially the film would be about your experiences and why you do it?


As I said the film is for Current TV and I am self financing it so I wouldn't be able to pay you but it would offer some great exposure


I've been in touch with him and have got this additional information.


I am based near Bristol so anywhere in the South West would be good for me but I'm happy to travel to get the best results for the documentary. I'd ideally like to begin filming in the next two to three weeks but can be quite flexible to meet other peoples schedules. It would be great to interview someone but also join them on their adventures (if possible). I'm keen to make the documentary quite personal i.e. follow one/two people around even if they happen to be taking part in a bigger challenge, just so we can relate with someone on screen.


I hope this helps and look forward to hearing from you.


If anyone in that area can help please e-mail me and I'll put you in touch with him.

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As long as he doesn't go and edit geocaching into a negative thing. Not that I don't trust these types of people or owt like that..


should be a great promo for the sport if the right peeps are involved :(.

A few Irish cachers did something like this for RTE last year and we had the same concerns, especially as we wouldn't see the finished article until it aired on prime time TV! However, it turned out really well and we got quite a few new cachers from it :D

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Thanks for those very kind words Jeff. :laughing:

Having done a little research: Current TV UK and knowing what 'self funding' means, I'd personally not be interested in getting involved on this particular project. Reading what s/he is after, I think it'd suit a family group or couple closer to Bristol. Sounds like it could make a nice documentary and I hope someone can help.

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:sad: Well well the Geocaching documentary has just been filmed,we had them climbing up to the Cave trolls lair and then back to Beer u can't drink as a nice regular.There were a few interesting moments at the cave troll,hehe.

We will now have to wait and see,will post here when i know the date it will be on sky. :D

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