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Easter Egg geocache hunt


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we dont have any around me either and was wondering the same thing but now i feel thats a go ahead to put mine out as i had reservations but walmart has camo plastic eggs this year and really wanted to make them into a multi here for easter so i guess i will thanks

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o man i just placed one to be released this easter, I TOTALLY THOUGHT IT WAS MY OWN UNIQUE IDEA!!!

guess i was wrong, but i dont know of any around me!


When I have been considering ideas for a cache I try some keyword searches to see if someone else has done something like it. I was considering doing a multi cache that began in a park with an obvious "X" where a couple of paths cross but then did a search on "X marks the spot" and discovered that there are 82 caches with that exact name or a variation of it.


There are 341 caches when "Easter" is used as a keyword (it also matches on eastern though).

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