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DeRock  & The Psychic Cacher

Verizon XV6700

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After experiencing the poor display results everyone else was reporting on their Dell Axims (my x50v in particlular) I decided to try my Verizon XV6700 phone purchased in '06. It's running Windows Mobile 5.0 and is sporting a QVGA 240x320 display, 416 MHr processor and 64 MB of Ram. Everything but an internal GPS of course.


I am reporting success!


After some small but exasperating issues everything is running fairly smoothly.


I had to uninstall the .NET software first from my laptop. I installed it originally to update my Axim with it. But when I went to update my 6700 it wouldn't do it. Seems once it installs the update via ActiveSync it won't do another unit unless you uninstall it and do a reinstall. Once I did that it went smoothly.


Got the player installed without a hitch.


Getting the 6700 to recognize the Global Sat BT GPS was another issue. Of course, it is a borrowed unit and the owner gave me the wrong passkey. The right passkey makes all the difference :anibad:


The player doesn't want to recognize the BT GPS at start up, but as soon as I do a search (not with auto-detect but with exactly the same settings as at startup) it finds it and we are golden.


I started up a cartridge and went outside. Geez, that poor small red arrow all but disappeared in the sunlight. I reset the brightness with just the smallest improvement. I'm going to have to wear the 6700 on my head, in front of one eye, to see anything in daylight. If you're a Trekkie - think Borg look-a-like!


Maybe I'll just have to do all Wherigo caches in the dark. Of course I'll be investigating the cost of back up batteries. It never had great battery life to start with.



AKA: DeRock & the Psychic Cacher - Grattan MI

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