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GPS goes off on its own

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I have a Garmin Vista Hcx. I use the compass screen to approach ground zero. It seems that lately when I get to within 5 feet of GZ and put the GPSr down, it takes off. I can sit and watch it move off up to 40 feet. When I first started using it, it would settle in and I could adjust my position a few feet and really get on top of a cache. Now I have to walk 20 feet away, go back and try it again. What changed? Shouldn't it get more accurate once I set it down and let it find it's position?

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This is normal for a $300 GPS but not for a $3000 GPS, one little zero can make alot of difference! Seriously though this is normal and that is why when you are inside that 30FT window you need to look 30ft ahead and determine where might be a good place to hide the cache. Sometimes you will get a continuous "countdown" of feet to go and sometimes you won't. My 60CSX does the same thing you are describing.

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many factors cause the jumping around - don't worry about it - when you change locations it has to adjust - rocks and signal bounce cause jumping and sometimes you just can't figure it. I figure the sats are being adjusted bye uncle sam. Ridges are usually where the best signals are. You can never tell how think a cloud cover is. good luck.

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