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Will dropping GPS effect accuracy (GPS and compass)?


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I dropped my Garmin eTrex Vista Cx getting out of the car today. It was probably about 2 feet or less drop. Didn't hurt the outside of the GPS. Will dropping a GPS effect the accuracy of the GPS or compass?


Well anything is possible, so the answer would be maybe.


I have a Vista HCx. I've taken great pains to take better care of this unit than my old blue Legend. However, I too have dropped my Vista a few times. One of the drops was from about 5 feet onto a large boulder. My Vista bounced off the boulder and came to rest in some tall grass. Thankfully, it struck the boulder on the rubber gasket (side of the unit) and did not break the screen. My abuse did not seem to have any impact on accuracy or the compass.


If you are having accuracy issues, you might want to recalibrate the unit. It may not rectify any problems you may be experiencing, but it can't hurt.


Good luck!!

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