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What is a muggle?


I believe it's someone that finds and destroys caches. Normally just stumbling upon them.

I don't agree with this definition. It's too narrow and too inclusive at the same time.


A "Muggle" is anyone who isn't a geocacher, and doesn't know what we're up to while we're looking behind rocks and in hollow logs. The vast majority of muggles are just people enjoying the park for frisbee and picnics, or walking their doggle down the rail trail, or waiting for the bus right across the street from the urban micro you're trying to find. They don't, by definition, "find and destroy caches." "Watch out for muggles" means more than "don't let someone destroy the cache;" it means "don't look suspicious so that people are bothered by your presence and behavior."


While it is true that caches can be "muggled" when found by a muggle, other caches are intentionally destroyed by "geocachers gone bad." We need a different term for these non-accidental actions. Renegade Knight came up with the best one: "maggot."

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I don't agree with the idea that a muggle is in seek and destroy mode. I take it as a person who is not a cacher and could possibly take notice of what you are doing. Drawing attention to yourself increases the chances of when you walk away, a muggle will come and try to figure out what you were doing. Even if they find it tho, it doesn't mean they'll destroy it.

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