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Here's what I have in mind:




Except it's changing my "&" into "& amp;"

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Forum Enhancements script. Lets you create a "favorites" list, accessible from most pages in the forum. When you're done reading message in one forum, jump directly to your next favorite, without having to return to the main menu. Also lets you open threads with new messages into new tabs, so you can open them all at once.


Close and helpful, but not what I was hoping for. Thanks for the link!

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Anyone know how to do this?

Can you more formally explain what it is you are trying to accomplish.


I want a "Get New" that excludes all the languages and regions that I'm not interested in.


Or, said another way, I'd like to customize the Get New search to only return the forums that I want to see what's new in.



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Hmmm. That's lame. I guess they don't care what users of their forum software think or want to know? :)B)


Their support is for their customers only, not their end users. They told me to ask here. Well, specifically to ask the board owner and/or administrator.

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