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Slightly OT - Hitchhiking from BC to QC


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Hey guys and gals, I just returned from a tour in Afghanistan and I am considering traveling across the country by hitchhiking from Victoria to Montreal as a new way to experience the country. I have driven across numerous times but want to expand my horizons. Of course, it's also a cool way to get to some geocaches I would not normally have seen.


Does anyone have travel tips or anecdotes to share?



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You have accommodation's here in Brockville Ontario and if you continue on to Nova Scotia I know there is a bed in Shearwater for you.


Put a TB tag on your backpack and "dip" yourself into any cache where you make a major change in direction, geat for logging your mileage.



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Thanks alot to all of you.. I am not really sure of where my trails may take me so I'll take you up on your offers once I head towards that direction..


I'll drop you a message a day or so before I close in...unfortunately flying by the seat of my pants really doesn't give me too much planning to do.


I do have a spare TB plus a couple I saved from Afghanistan so I might drop them off as I cross.

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Thanks for the offers guys and gals. I might take a couple of people up on those offers. I hear the hardest part is going from Winnipeg across the top of Lake Superior. If it is as long hiking as it was driving, I can completely understand that!! I you are still offering up a place to stay, can you email your contact details (let's just go with place and phone number with real name) at (email address removed by moderator by request)?


Thanks a ton, I head out tomorrow or the day after.. it should be fun!!

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