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I have a small feature request I would like to make to the notification system. Could we please add the ability to only send notifications for caches that the cacher has not found.


While I do use the notification system to let me know about possible FTF's, I mainly want to know about caches that have been modified, disabled or archived so that I don't go looking for caches that are no longer there. My normal practice is to run a series of PQ's during the week to map out my local area and then using that decide where I want to go caching over the weekend. Since I have already found a significant number of the close by caches, many of the notifications I receive are of no value to me since I am not planing on finding that cache again.


I believe that by making this change TPTB can greatly reduce the number of unnecessary notification emails the server sends and the amount of time cachers have to spend looking at notifications they don't need.

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