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Caching bag?

Ry and Ny
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I'm trying to think of things other than the GPSr and Palm (if you're paperless) that are either "must haves" or "gee, wouldn't that be nice to have" items to be put into a backpack or carrysack to take along while seeking. Of course, being new, I'm sure I'm missing something. Please fill me in:


1. Camera (from another thread...great suggestion!)

2. Small First Aid Kit

3. Tweezers/nano winding thingamajig (saw it in another thread...)

4. Pen/Pencil

5. Bug spray (not so much this time of year here in WI, but for the summer)

6. Trinkets for trades

7. trash bags for CITO...


Please chime in with additional thoughts/suggestions.


And, with that, I should be done with the n00b questions for a little bit. :rolleyes:

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Great ideas! I had thought of water and snacks as well, but was thinking for the purposes of this question more along the lines of a relatively permanent pack that I can have ready made to throw over my shoulder and go.


Funny thing is, I never thought of the extra batteries and I can guarantee you that's one that would have come back to bite me.


Thanks for the great info.

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In addition to the other suggestions, I would add:


* geocaching brochures or the like (can get these from geocaching-u). Nice to have to give to people if they ask what you're doing.


* small cache repair kit (extra plastic bags of various sizes, extra logs of various sizes- nano, micro, etc, tape, and the like)

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In addition to the items mentioned above:

Trade items for regular and mini/micro caches.

A few geocoins for special caches.

My own personal logbook...for taking notes or calculations or whatever. Especially for writing down coordinates of unfinished multis and solved puzzle caches.

My log stickers.

My personal embossing stamp.

Some funky pens because I like to log with color and flamboyance.

A Leatherman. Lately I have been using it to chisel out caches from their ice-encased tombs. Hey...I live in the Great White North (a.k.a. Michigan).

CITO bags.

A good compass and the knowledge to use it...if my gps eats thru all 3 pairs of batteries I have. I have been meaning to attempt a few caches with compass and map only...but that seems like a bit of work, lol.

My Gorilla mini tripod for my digital camera.

Hurricane whistle. Never know. Scare away a bear...or a thief that isn't afraid of my Leatherman.

Magnesium/flint combo. Why? Fire is cool. I don't know. I've never used it.

My mini first aid kit is in my Jeep...but I could carry that with me.

Headlamp...but I only carry that when I intend, or expect that I might, go night caching.

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Yes, cheap gardening gloves, or something along those lines. Last thing you need is a spider bite...

Also, I take along a small first aid kit. But, I also carry enough stuff, in a SMALL pack, to make it through an unexpected nite. Still all fits in a shoulder bag...but, its stuffed to the gills. My equipment list:





electric glowstick

3 granola bars

2 packets of cocoa

water bottle

metal cup

flight gloves

trade swag (my wooden nickels)

all purpose knife


bivy sack


50' of paracord

pair of socks

small survival tin

spare batteries


cell phone


Again, it sounds like alot, but it all fits into a maxpedition shoulder bag, and, without the water full, is maybe all of 5 lbs.

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In my pack I carry:


*Extra batteries

*Geocaching lanyard




*Log book stickers


*Hand sanitizer

*Rolled up garbage bags

*Trade items


*Extra ziploc bags

*Extra car keys

*Reflective band for my arm if we're out at night

*Extra camera card (forgot it once)


That's just in my everyday caching bag...I take more if we're going hiking.

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