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I have recently been introduced to geochaching and our office gets tons of visitors throughout the summer season looking for a nearby cache (N 39° 35.182 W 105° 13.135). I would like to carry a book that would get other people or newcomers interested in geocaching. Any suggestions? There are only a few that show up on Amazon.com, so I was wondering if anyone has any personal favorites? (And if you could provide an author or ISBN that would help me research it too.)



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There are some sheets you can print out that explain the game and refer the reader to geocaching.com. Maybe you could hand those out? I'm still a newbie, but to me this game seems better suited to a website description and hands on experience instead of a book. Add the evolution of the game, and local variations, and it seems to make a book a clumsy tool for caching. Then again, maybe the best book in the world is out there and I haven't seen it. Good luck either way. Converts are good.


Adding: I wasn't trying to comment on Markwell's book, I was typing when his post went up.

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I carry copies of the trifold brochure from geocaching-U. I've also handed these out at scouting events.


As for books, I did pick up the Complete Idiot's Guide to Geocaching when I first got involved. What I liked about the book was where it shows you can do more with geocaching then just finding some ammo can in the woods (fun as that is).

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As for books, I did pick up the Complete Idiot's Guide to Geocaching when I first got involved.


I did the same. Which means, for me, that I read it last week. :anicute:


It's out of date. The list of suggested prizes conflicts with the guidelines here. This site has had a major update since the book was written. GPS technology has changed. It still refers to now grandfathered cache types.


I had already read a lot on the Groundspeak site, so I knew plenty, but I wanted to read the book to get a more complete picture. It sure was helpful, but just not current.

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