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Night Hunter's First Personal Coin

Night Hunter
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Hi everybody, I am pretty excited about releasing my first personal coin. I can see that this could become as addictive as collecting geocoins, or maybe even as much as geocaching itself.


The artwork has been returned from the mint, and the dies should start production soon.


Here are the specifics of what I plan to do.


Antique Silver with blue border

100 minted 90 sold


Polished Nickel with blue glitter border

100 minted 90 sold


The moon will be bare metal with gritty used to show the craters. The eyes on the owl will glow.


LE Version will be Black Nickel with a glowing moon (no craters) and yellow eyes on the owl.

50 Minted-Trade only.


The red in the artwork is just to define the gritty. There will be no red on the coin. The tracking number will be on the bottom rim.


Trackable with unique icon.


$8.50---Since I am new to the geocoin selling thing, there will be no presale, I will wait until I have the coins before I open up the sales, which will be done via e-mailed paypal invoices.


There will be no additional mintings on this coin.


I would love any constructive feedback.



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Thanks for all the interest everybody.


The Samples have arrived. I plan on going into production next week. Here are some pictures. There will be a few changes of course.


I have had quite a few requests for purchases and trades. Right now, I am only going to promise trades for the LE Glowing Moon/Black Nickel Trade Only Version to other people who are offering Trade Only versions of their own coins in return. I am making only 50 of this coin. It will be similar to the picture, but will be in Black Nickel not Antique Silver. I am sure I will have a few left over after that.


I will open this up now to reservations and/or pre-selling. I will give the same priority to reservations as to pre-sales. If my reservations reach my limits, I will not pre-sell any more coins.


Again, my sales limits are 90 Antique Silver (like the picture) and 90 Polished Nickel (with glitter Blue Edging). That will leave me with 10 of each for distant future trades/releases/other fun stuff.





Thanks everybody for making my first coin so much fun.

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