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I am getting horrible at the technical stuff, but I've got to start somewhere.


I'll probally ask many more questions a they are answered, but I'll start with the simple ones!


So can we use a pda or a smartphone for Wherigo?


If so any recommendations for a sprint customer?

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As long as the OS is Windows Mobile and you have a GPSr hooked up to it (usually, either Bluetooth external or an internal one), you should be able to run the Wherigo player.


That said, your experience will vary with the hardware. Groundspeak still has to get the display right on some devices. You can still click on things and run cartridges, but the UI won't be quite as intended. Thus, I can't recommend anything without first being experienced with it myself.

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So what might be the kinds of things that work on all Windows Mobile Professional devices, and what might be the kinds of things that vary between such devices?


I ask because on my Kaiser (aka TyTN II, Tilt, MDA Vario III, etc.)...


1. Audio in catridges doesn't work, even though it works in the emulator, and I've not seen a note from anyone else to say that they've had problems with audio (or that it isn't yet supported).


2. Up/Down and Enter each work on some screens but not others.


Would these be standard Windows Mobile Professional functions, or would they vary between devices?

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