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Garmin GPS 10 and 3rd party maps

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Hello all,

I'm still kicking around the idea of buying a Garmin GPS 10 bluetooth reciever, obviously it will work with nRoute and is compatible with Garmin's City Nav. In a previous post it was suggested that some other receivers as well as other software should also be considered before settleing on a GPS 10.


My question is in regards to non-Garmin mapping software, does anyone know if the GPS 10 can be used with products such as Microsoft's Streets and Trips or any of the software produced by Delorme?


My main reason for wanting to go with the GPS 10 is because it comes with City Nav which I can also use with a 400t if I decide to buy one. The price of the software alone can be found online for about $129, the GPS 10 with the same software can be found for about $149 so it's sort of like buying the software and getting the bluetooth recever for another $20.


I looked at the specs on Garmins site and they say that the GPS 10's interface/protocol is "NMEA 0183, sent. GGA/GSA/GSV/GLL/RMC/VTG and Garmin proprietary".


Does anyone have first hand knowledge of using th eGPS 10 with another brand of software?


Thanks for the help.

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OK, on Garmin's website I found something in the software section called Garmin Communicator plug-in...am I close?




Sorry, a typo... it is SPANNER....




It is intended for the GPS 18, but as far as I know works on the 10. If it does not work, GPSGate will.



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