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Wherigo location etiquette

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We had a lovely wander around a local wood yesterday. In the woods there's an alphabet sculpture trail which I'd quite like to set up as a Wherigo.


Within the woods (yards from one of the sculptures) is a cache placed by someone else. The cache was placed well before (most of ) the sculptures were put up.


Would it be bad form to write a cartridge that took in the sculture trail and ended up at the cache? Obviously, I'd get in touch with the original cacher first.


Not sure the whole thing would work in the end though, as I'm not sure whether a trail within woods would give accurate enough GPS reception.

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As is always the case, the final word on this will be from your reviewer.


This is my opinion of the matter: With permission of the cache owner, you could set the cartridge up and publish it on Wherigo. If it's the end of a multi, there may be some problems. However, the cartridge would not be cross-listed to gc.com (e.g. the existing cache's type changed) because of two reasons: 1) the cartridge is not an integral experience to the cache and 2) the cartridge uses an existing cache and to change the cache type would change all previous finders' found cache type. A new cache for the cartridge cannot be created because it uses an existing cache.


As for whether the trail would give an accurate enough reception, please test your cartridge before posting it. I'm one of the active FTF cachers in my area and I can say from experience that being the first one to find a cache can hurt when you end up being the guinea pig. As in searching for three hours in a place the cache should be when something was off with the coordinates and it's nowhere near there type of hurt. Please do test everything you publish.

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