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Compatibility considerations?


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I am developing/testing on a Mio P550. Can I assume that if it runs on that it will run ok on a Colorado?


Does the Colorado have full functionality eg the ability to play sound files?




As far as I have noticed, there is a limitation on the size of the char that you can use for answers... It should be limitetd to 18, unless latest firmware fixed that I found that when playing the first hunt cartridge, but haven't played that again after upgrading firmware).


Kazuma, geocaching-italia

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OK thanks

Any experience on playing sounds in Wherigo cartridges on the Colorado?

The Colorado currently does not play sound files and is unlikely to do so in the future. The unit has a piezo-electric "speaker" which is best thought of as a buzzer. I believe I have seen a posting by one of the lackeys that indicates the possibility of some future support for beeps/tone sequences -- but I imagine that's the limit. The demo cartridge apparently has a "beep" sound file for the Colorado, but I do not recall hearing it when I tested the cartridge.


I do not believe the Colorado has a status line.


There are apparently differences between the Colorado and the PPC with regard to zone visibility. I don't own a PPC. I am told that a zone with Active true and Visible true is shown on the PPC (appears in the locations list) regardless of the player's proximity to the zone. On the Colorado, a zone with Active true and Visible true is shown only when the player is within the distance range to the zone. If the distance range is -1, the zone is shown on the Colorado regardless of proximity. Of course, setting distance to -1 means that the associated event fires as soon as the game starts (or the zone becomes active). I did verify that the Colorado behaves this way.


Entering text on the Colorado is a pain in the rear (if we're being charitable). As a result, you don't want to require the player to enter long text strings. This is more a usability factor than a true incompatibility.


There have been reports of problems with the Colorado with regard to entering zones. Some have reported that they must actually stand still at the center of the zone in order to "arrive." I tried to duplicate this but could not. In any event, if there is a problem here, it's a bug (which will presumably be fixed), not a true compability issue.



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