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South Asia awakens!

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Would like your opinion to start a forum dedicated to all countries of South & Southeast Asia:

India - Maldives - Nepal - Sri Lanka - Bhutan - Bangladesh - Myanmar - Laos - Thailand - Cambodia - Vietnam - Malaysia - Indonesia - Singapore.


The whole region is still rather 'small' in hidden caches (about 600), but is gaining popularity fast, particularly in those areas frequented by tourists (Singapore, Thailand, Sri Lanka). It seems that geocachers from Europe and the US/Canada are spreading the caching virus, and the local community is catching up eagerly.


It would be excessive to start a forum for each country. But for the region, it could offer a real benefit, as traveling within this region becomes increasingly popular with the local population too.


Just respond with your opinion. If enough of you out there support the idea, we can give it a start.


The Sri Lankan website is currently being constructed to cater for all above countries too with additional and regional information.


In Sri Lanka we're already organizing intro-sessions, where geocaching is 'learned' with both GPS and topographic maps. As GPSr is not yet very commonly used in many areas, working with a good map can be a valid alternative. With a 1:50,000 scale map, it is possible to pinpoint the cache position within 20 meters. And after some experience, it turns you into an expert map-reader. Often a serious extra, as a map gives you a much superior feel for orientation, if only due to it's larger size.

If you want a copy of the 'course notes', just send me a mail.


best regards




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We recently have placed 11 caches in India but to get them published, we have to find a person who can maintain them. We already have one person so far but he only can maintain 2 of them.The caches have been placed in places such as, Hyderabad, Khamman, Chitrakot Waterfalls, Bubanesvar, Jamshedpur and by Nepal/India border on the track of Easter Himalayas. Can anyone suggest anyone?


Thank You :)

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