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PQ Issue

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I have a PQ for my local area that runs once a week so that I can have an updated list. For some reason I continue to get a handful of caches that I have already found. The irritating part is that the PQ has 3 "series" caches and the numbers get confusing when I have to go back through them all and delete my finds each time. The PQ specifically requests caches "that I haven't found." Sometimes it is the same caches, sometimes it's different. Is this a PQ issue or a GSAK issue? Any helpful advice?? Thanks.

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What are the GC numbers for these found caches?


They are not the same each time. And atleast one showed up 3 times, then missing the next 2, then showed again. That is the only one that has done that but it seems I get atleast 4-8 found caches each time the query runs.

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