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Laptop + Tethered GPSr

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I can see a lot of applications for a laptop with a GPS receiver tethered via USB (such as my Earthmate LT-20) or RS232 (such as my Garmin eTrex) - yes, I have gone marching around in the woods with my laptop and LT-20. I could also see a Wherigo cart based upon the player being driven around (as opposed to just carried around).


I didn't see a thread for this configuration, so I thought I'd start one. Would anyone else be interested in that kind of hardware support?

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I've looked at Wherigo and being short a Colorado or a GPS enabled PDA, that's as far as I've gotten. On the other hand, I do have an LT-20 for my laptop . . . Any geocacher with a laptop and a GPS that can interface with it might be able to play this way.


Go for it!



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