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Premier Geocoin Race III


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Is there any way to get on an e-mail list to be notified of what you need to do to participate in the next race? I've had a great time moving and then following the movements of one of the coins in the current race. Thanks!


The best way right now is to put a watch on this thread. I'll post a link to the PGR IV thread here.



Hi nefresh. Like you I'm just waiting to get in on the next race. Up above I've quoted Shilo's answer to another person. Hopefully that will answer your question. I'll see you at the next starting line (well both our coins will be there even if we aren't). Good luck to your racer! :rolleyes:

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Will there be a PGR IV? If so, I'm in again.


Yes there will be. I've been lazy and busy. Waiting on Oakcoins to get back to me to see if they are interested in sponsoring the next race.

I'm new to the forum in the last 3 months, but I'd like to join the race. Will there be an announcement?


Yes. I'll start a new forum thread(PGR IV) and post a link to it in this thread as well.

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I've added up the racers who won't auto update the mileage. Unless something changes in the next 48 hours I will make the race official. If you see a problem with your racer please let me know ASAP!!!


Congratulations to:


weldor and his racer Weldor's Alvin's Phone Line PGR Racer #1 for the most mileage with 25,423.5 miles.

And to


~tasia~ for her racer PGR III - Tequila Sunrise GeoJellies 3 Racing Coin for the most geocachers to place with 28.


I will send an e-mail to the winners in a couple of days for their mailing address to send their prizes for the wins :lol:

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