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Best auto GPS for casual Geocaching

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I am about to buy a GPS unit primarily for my car, and have been looking at many models. But I want to ensure that I can use it for my occasional geocaching.


I read some threads that indicate that the Garmin Nuvi can be used with some small mods, but would that be the best choice? I am on a Mac and I plan to spend about $300-$450 on a unit.


I appreciate any help you can give.

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Been trying a TomTom One 3rd Edition - the short story: useful for getting you close to a cache but of little value in 'field' use actually walking to and finding the cache. A moving map display driven by a GPSr such as Delorme and M$ Streets is better in all respects outside of size/convience for in the vehicle use. The Delorme map system is even usually accurate enough to ensure we end up on the correct side of the creek ;-) Dunno if any of those do mac native but if you're a mcnut you may have emulation software. Unix emulators run windo$e mapping stuff but have difficulty talking to the GPSr ports, long story.


May try Garmin Nuvi stuff in the next few months and will try to get back to the forums to post, if others have not already run the topic (betting it's been beat to death somewhere ;-)

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The Garmin Quest is about the only unit I know of that is rugged enough to pull out of the car and carry off into the woods. Yest it still contains many of the nicer features of in-car units.


Most in-car type GPS units are just not real suitable for Geocaching for several reasons:short battery life, lack of ruggedness, poor off-road navigation, not built for handheld use. Not saying it won't work - just that it isn't suitable. Spend money on a nice Nuvi AND go purchase a good solid low end handheld for out-of-the-car use. May I recommend a Garmin Ventue HC unit (about $125).

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Thanks for the help on this everyone. I do think I am stuck on purchasing just one product because I just barely talked my wife into the GPS :huh: I appreciate the suggestion though StarBrand.


I will look into the Garmin Quest a little more as I just looked at it quickly. That might work. I also looked at the Road Angel 7000, but I think it may only be for the UK. Btw, we were just in the UK last year and found 3 caches in Nottingham.


Thanks again.

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My friend uses a Nuvi for geocaching. It's ok but not waterproof or shockproof in anyway. There is no compass screen he basically has the lat and long written down and he goes to the sattelite page that shows his current position. Then he walks around a little N or S, or E or W till the coordinates match up. If I were you I'd just get a nuvi that you like then get a used etrex yellow. They can be had for $50 or less. use the nuvi to get you close and the handheld outside of the car to get you to the exact spot.

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