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CITO 2008

Keith Watson
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The little paper in the coin flip is missing. I would like to activate it, but don't know who minted it. I do know the designer. Any help would be appreciated. Experience_Minnesota_Geocoin.jpg


It's the experience Minnesota geocoin.


You can get the activation code here:


activation code

We've had two CITO's this year so far on Vancouver Island - on in Feb and one two days ago in the vicinity of Royston.

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19 April

Ottawa, Ontario



We just completed hosting our Second annual Ottawa's Adopt-a-Highway CITO, of the Veterans Memorial highway (Hwy 416) and the Veterans Memorial park. The cache listing is GC16YVZ. We picked up 61 bags of garbage, 10 bags of recycling, 11 tires, 2 shovels, 5 bags of returnable beer wine and spirit bottles/cans.



Here is the majority of the group with the haul. Garbage on the left, Recyclables on the right.



The gang cleaning the Southern portion of the highway.



Sorting the garbage, we recycled all that we could which reduced the amount going to landfill by 15 bags!!

There are more pictures posted on the cache page as well as a link to see more pictures as well.


Thanks to all who came out to clean-up the environment as well as the great donations that we were able to secure. A good time was had by all.



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