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Granville Island


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My daughter is heading to Vancouver for spring break and would like to try her hand at caching. I thought Granville Island (?) would be a fun place to try. Could anybody help me with a few ideas. I can not seem to locate any on my own. Thanks for any help you can offer.

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Well, there are a couple actually on Granville Island and a few more that are nearish. Of the two on Granville Island, one is a micro that is in heavy muggle traffic constantly and has traditionally been difficult to find (although I see it's been pretty good lately). The other is a quick easy find a little bit out of the way.


For starting out, though, Stanley Park might be a better place to start. There are some larger caches there, and there might be a few less muggles.


You should look at this thread too:

Vacationing in Canada without a car, visiting Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary from the UK




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I found the one at Granville Island, and it is indeed tricky. I'm going to be caching in the UBC and the Tsawassen areas this weekend. Last week we did a hike around the end of Burrard Inlet in Port Moody and nabbed eight caches, from really tricky micro's to can't miss'em ammo boxes. Look up Port Moody and you'll see how they wrap around, and the trials connecting them are great!

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You might also want to try Queen Elizabeth Park. There are some fun caches there, and even though there is some muggle factor, its not as bad as Granville Island. I was recently on a trip back home to Vancouver and there was about 6 or 7 in the park available. Lots of parking also available if that is an issue.


Enjoy your trip.

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