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CO 400t - What CN NA 2008 Map Ver?


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For 400t owners, what city Navigator map version - NT or non NT routable maps are you using? or do both work equally well? In practice how are they used, I assume that they are not overlayed with Topo and that you have to select the map set you want to use. CN NT would be used to drive/navigate to the cache. Which mapset would be used when going to the cache? How difficult is it to switch between road/ non road and between different map sets on the CO 400t? Thanks. Sli23sli

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both will work, I installed NT and noticed it did not take up so much space as the regular version. Works great too!


I have used both the topo maps and the CNNT for caching and for most caching see no difference at all. Topo does show the terrain detail.


I think when they refine the profiles part a bit more it may be better, but for now with a few keystrokes your in business.

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