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I was GeoCaching out of state yesterday and the description of the container was "NANO". Can anyone tell me what that is?? I dnf it and I am curious in case I come across this again.


Thank you

Most of the Nano containers I've seen are magnetic and are about the size of a pencil eraser. They have a tiny scrolled up log book inside. Sometimes, it's easiest to bring tweezers to replace the log book once you've unravelled the log. These containers are often hard to locate so since you're new at this, this may be a hard one to find when you're starting out. I'd try to look for small or regular sized caches to start. Have fun!

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Yep - any nanos we have found have looked like the one in the link above. Our first one we had no idea that we were looking for anything that small. Now after finding a few they are pretty easy. The kind of places that they are usually put, your sense of touch will help as well or more than looking for it. That bolt or nut that doesn't feel quite the same as the others, underneath a seat or rail.......

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I don't think they have to be magnetic to be considered a nano. I've seen bison tubes hanging in a bush I would call nano sized. I would just say think small, real small, like the size of a jelly bean or smaller.


I've never seen a bison tube that I'd call a 'nano'.


Smallest bison I'd call a micro, but at the smallest range for a micro (largest micro would be a 35mm film can or an altoids tin).

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Ah. What shall I get with my Christmas Geocaching Gift Certificate??? I can get Lock and Locks at KMart or Target. Nanos? Hmm... Hee hee hee! Got some evil plans for an urban area. Hee hee hee.

Hey, if you can't hide regular sized containers, nanos are great! Downtown Main Street, Union City, New Jersey! Hee hee hee. :)

Oh, as mentioned, nanos are magnetic and about the size of a pencil eraser.

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