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Garmin Pre-loaded card question?

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This may have been covered but I could not find it using the search.


Can a person take the data from the pre-loaded cards and move them to a larger card? My guess is no but I thought I'd ask.


It just seems like a waste to tie up the entire memory card with maps, but I suppose that's why they sell the dvd.


On that note, how much does garmin charge for an extra unlock code for city navigator? is it the full $130 or is it cheaper just to buy an extra code?

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That's what I figured, ya know garmin might not take so much heat on their software policies if they offered a reduced price for additional unlock codes.


What I was told when I spoke with a garmin rep is:


1. The licensing issues are coming from NAVTEQ, not Garmin. Garmin is simply complying with conditions set upon them by their vendor.

2. The DVD version requires an unlock code for each GPS it is used in

3. The SD version is pre-unlocked and is tied to the SD Card SN, not the GPS so you can move the card from GPS to GPS if you want.

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Yes, additional unlock codes are the same price as a new copy of the software. I was thinking of getting a second GPSr and wanted to just unlock the copy I already had for the second unit, but Garmin told me it was the same price as new software.


I don't have a problem with them charging for a second unlock code, but full price is too much, IMO.

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Yeah I know people that work for navteq, I'd be willing to bet garmin's contract is big enough that if garmin put their foot down navteq would give to keep the contract, if not then garmin should start looking elsewhere for a provider


Garmin tried to buy a mapping supplier... I beleive it was Navteq, but got out bid by one of their competitors, Nokia if I recall. They are now in the position of having to buy mapping data from a competitor.

There are not that many places that they can go to get the detail they need.

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