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Usually for idle watching it's in the left. Often in the left while I'm walking somewhere..

If I'm actually doing something with it (like entering information, or telling it to goto) usually the right.

If I'm in a car, it's usually in whichever hand has the window, because I have to hang it out the window for a moment to pick up my signal most of the time.


If I know more or less where I'm going and don't need the GPSr yet, it's hooked to my belt/backpack/hydration pack.


And sometimes I hand it to Roo and say "Fine, YOU find the cache."

(Roo, BwarRoo, is the guy I usually cache with. he lacks a GPSr as of yet.)

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Generally right hand, but if I'm tired of using the hiking stick with the right, I'll switch. Usually not for long, as the belt clip is on the right, and I usually have the lanyard carabinered to a belt loop on the right, in case I drop it.


I ran into one cacher on the trail who had mounted his GPSr onto his hiking stick, he could answer "None!"

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