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Garmin units to SAPS flying squad

Carbon Hunter
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Yesterday (26 Feb) on the John Robbie show on 702, a comment was made that one of the bigwigs in Primedia had had a conversation with a SAPS police officer. The officer mentioned that it can take up to 40minutes to find a crime scene because offices in squad cars can get lost.


702 approached Garmin to donate some units. Garmin came forward with 30 units for squad cars. This was then taken public by John Robbie to see if they could collect for the full complement of 200 odd cars in Gauteng. For a donation of R3000 - Garmin would supply and install a Nuvi 200W - with training for all officers and reservists.


A total of close to 730 untis were pledged by the end of the breakfast show.


So the tagline - beware in Gauteng - the SAPS may e joining geocaching ranks soon! :D:(

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A total of close to 730 untis were pledged by the end of the breakfast show.


So the tagline - beware in Gauteng - the SAPS may e joining geocaching ranks soon! :D:(

Now that leaves just over 500 units free. I just wonder who will get those units....


Hope that we don't see too many of these headlines...


Bank robbers get away while cops rush to a FTF.


Or good ones like:


Cops find stolen cash while searching for hidden cache.


Or a log entry:


Was having Donuts at the local hangout when my PDA (Yep them guys at 5FM thought they would try rival the lovely lads at 702) notified me of a new cache nearby. So we hopped in the old blue and white, switched on the sirens and lights and raced down William Nicol to find the cache. Our new Garmin Nuvi showing us the quickest route and that sexy voice telling us where to turn right down to the meter. It even warned us about a speed trap that we charged over. We both grinned as the flash went off on the camera, knowing that we were at least flashing our own lights. Oh the joys of been a copper. LOL. Then as traffic cleared we were informed once again by that sexy voice that were were approaching the destination on the right. It was a park in the suburbs with the usual people walking round. We noticed a guy nearby the cache site with a GPSr in his hand. So we jumped out the van and pulled out the tape and began cordoning off the area. We told the guy he must please leave as this was a crime scene. Man it was a close call. But after clearing the place we managed to find the cache and got a FTF to boot. Our 57th FTF for the week too.... Back to the donuts we go... TFTC - The Flying Squaddies


I think it is a great thing that they have finally woken up. Can the nuvi do tracklogs?


But on the topic of government vehicles, maybe all government vehicles should have a tracking system in so we can also clamp down on speeding government employees. I cannot reason behind why department of education have to travel past me way in exess of the speed limit. Fuel is not cheap and we are paying for their recklessness. Think about it and report the offenders.

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Hey good Idea,

As I'm moving to Gauteng soon it will be great to do all the ones that warns" Do not attempt at night" Night caching here we come - with a police escort -an all


Problem is with all the new street names its harder to spell the street name than to actually find the street. Well done Garmin

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