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Bushwacking Pirates Sword are almost here!

Mama Cache

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A tool every caching pirate needs when out in the bush!

Buddyluv4 came to us nearly a year ago with these awesome idea. We knew it could be done, we just needed to figure out how! Jamie at Madhatter Neverland created the design. Then off to make it happen.

Finally we got it to work. I am proud to announce our two peice coin set.




These will be available mid March. The sword measures 2" and the scabbard 1.60".


They will be available in:

Antique gold

Antique Silver

LE Two tone Silver/Gold

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Yes I agree this is an awsome idea. I was thinking about making one of those small decorative letter opener swords a TB but decided against it cuz those letter opener swords can be kinda sharp and actually be considered a knife sometimes. But I've always wanted to see somthing like this. Great job!!

Please, if you making a reservation list, can you include me for a set as well?

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Very nice design, indeed!


Are both pieces trackable separately?

How does the sword stay 'latched' into the scabbard?


Originally the idea was to make them both trackable. But there really is no room on the sword for all the information needed. It end up being all information.


We also debated a chain to keep them together. But the HWS lackey felt that the chain would be so long and who wants to sword fight with a scabbard hanging down? This said lackey is in charge while the cat is away and made the coporate decision to let them be chain free.

If you hold them upside down, you will lose your sword. But they stay nicely in flips and are really fun to play with!

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