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Nothing in it for you Cointest

Highland Geofairy
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You can't win one of my coins, but you can nominate someone else to get one.


Just post why you think they should get a coin, maybe they hid the cache that you had the most fun finding, maybe they created the coin that you treasure most, maybe they did something terrific and you want folks to know about it. No limit to posts, no limit to reasons - but please give a reason for your nomination and any appropriate links.


Cointest will be judged on Friday 29th February at 8pm GMT.

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I would like to nominate Mickey Diver. MD has been a very caring and giving soul, his generosity has really been a blessing to many!! Mickey Diver donates many coins to people in need, these people can then sell the coin on ebay and use the money (usually a good sum) as needed.


Mickey Diver is a mystery coiner, so he already is a giving soul, but the help he has provided is what truly sets this person high on my list. THANK-YOU Mickey Diver, you are a very special person!


Thanks for doing this cointest, and GREAT coin!!!

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I'm going to nominate 2 people in one post and call it good.


1. earthrooster

2. PJPeters


Normally we see the same names go up and most people are deserving of coins :anibad: I choose these two guys just because they are quieter on the forums but they are very genuine and kind-hearted and I like them cause they are sweeties.



(edit for spelling)

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I nominate Rockin Roddy because I haven't been part of the board for long but he has just impressed me. He had his coins stolen and stepped up with coins to help others. When someone in the forum is down he always has kind words for them. It cheers me up just reading his post. Even when life is rough for him he always is there for someone else. I don't know him but he just seems like a very special person so I nominate him to win your coin.

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First of all we would like t say Thank you for the cointest.



This one is very hard for us, there is to many people to mention, There is so many generious people here in the formns that have given in so many ways....to mention a few ways are, given away coins, supported people in need whether it was family illnesses, charities....people that had their collections stolen....whether it is just coins people are seeking or looking for mystery coins, no matter what the reason may be there is so many giving people in here and alot of generosity. We have made alot of friends here in the formns and in person...whoever gets a coin and was nominated....CONGRATS TO YOU! YOU DESERVE IT!



Barry and Val




Mountain, WI.

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I have three nominations:


CinemaBoxers - Paula and Jim are some of the best people you could ever know. Not only do they produce some of the best coins out there, they are very giving and helpful people, often behind the scenes. They have donated many, many coins as well as their time and talents to very worthy causes. They are dedicated and faithful friends that anyone would be honored to have.


57chevy - One of the best guys one could get to know. He is always helpful and is a great cacher all around. He'd give the shirt off his back to help out another. He helps to make the caching sacene in this wasteland where I am that much better.


Stellar Jr. - Michelle is a sweet young lady. She regularly chats with us in geocoin chat and is mature beyond her years. She's always a treat to talk to.

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I do not know many people here! Sorry! So I am not expecting to get one of your beautiful coins! :D


I would like to nominate 007BigD! Actually, I want this coin to go to his baby, Emma! He is a new father, he made a cointest and even if I was not a real winner, I was in the members who posted and were with under 30 posts in the forum! So, I won a coin too!

He sended me a beautiful coin, and some other stuff, plus something to remember the birth of his daughter! He even created an acount to the baby, so Emma can say..I am a geocacher from the day I was born! So sweet! :D


He sended many things, and I did not have anything to send to him and his baby! :anibad:

I hope with that, his baby can get a geocoin to remember you (the creator of the coin), and me! :D


I haven't heard of him for a long time now, and I hope he is fine and received my emails too!

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Is this cointest has to do only with members of this board?

If not, I would nominate a geocacher family from Munchen Germany!


Their codename is: Die Owskys.


The first geocoin I found belonged to them! They were so generous and just because I loved that coin, they sended me one, to keep it! They also sended me a travel bug, an other geocoin, some other stuff to start putting caches too, geocaching pins.... unbelievable!!! now, we communicate with emails, and we are friends!


Generosity and kindness are things that sould be awarded!

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I'd like to nominate two people. They are both very down to earth folks and just soooo generous. I've gotten to know both of them a little bit through these forums and think they are just really neat people.


Dorkfish - she made two of my hearts desires come true!!!


tsunrisebey - designed one of the heart's desires that I now own


Good luck ladies and best wishes in your race.


Neat contest!!

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I lied, I do have 1 more cacher to add. Thinking outside the box here a bit.


Dakota part of the Tsunrisebey team. My best Border Collie buddy for 11 years, hiked all over the western U.S. with me and was there on the first cache I did keeping mountain lion and bear watch for me. Got so used to doing cache maint. that she was always 100 to 200 yards ahead of me looking back waiting for me to catch up, and always knew where to go without a GPS :D She's been on almost every cache run I've ever done. Been the best darned partner a cacher could have! But unfortunately my girl has been afflicted with old age and now pretty much gets loaded into the truck to drive down to the mailbox to check out any geocoins that may have come in and walks are just a couple minutes now. Caching days with Dakota are over :anibad: and she's teaching Tristin how to take over and help mom with her caching activities. Dogs make the best caching partners wish they stuck around as long as we did :D


Thanks for the cointest and beautiful coin by the way :D

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I want to nomination Uotrackers for the beautiful coin.


I think she earns a coin because she collect money for the good cause March for babies.

Uotrackers gives coins away with a cointest to get entention for this good cause and she sells a lot of her coins to raise money for the March for babyies.

Did are the things that i know that she does but i think she does a lot more to raise money for this good cause.


So please give the beautiful coin to Uotrackers. :anibad:

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Another nominee please: GBOTS


Lynda is such a kind and caring person. Always looking out for others and doing nice things just because. :anibad: She sent me a comic strip that had penguins because it reminded her of us. LOL And when my daughter first started collecting geocoin she sent PengoBeky the caching with kids geocoin just because...wasn't even a trade. :D

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I would also like to nominate Dressel Dragons. They haven't been around a lot lately but they are busy with the organization of Geocoinfest. My hats off to them for taking on such a big responsibility. Lenore has always been generous with my daughter too. :anibad:


There are a lot of wonderful people here in these forums!! :D :D

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OK...next is Naomi (mousekakat)!! I think all of you know Naomi, she's the bright ray of sunshine on that cloudy day, that breath of fresh air during a stagnant day of blues!


Naomi has been a VERY good friend for me, i enjoy emailing her and reading her replies...always something cheerful even when she's not feeling well or the kids are cranky!!



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This thread already has many deserving nominees. I am going to take this opportunity to put forth another nominee who is little know to this forum.


It is EMSDanel. Dan began caching in October 2006 with a used demo model GPSr which had no bells and whistles and a compass (which he is very skilled in its use). His motivation to cache was driven by a need for physical excercise. He had recently reached a landmark of being a cancer survivor but still needed to work on a couple of health issues (sugar and cholesterol).


So basic tools in hand, he joined us and has been hooked ever since. He has climbed mountains, attended events, walked the trails and yes, of course found his share of LPCs. The result of his activities is lower sugar and cholesterol. His found, to date, 1106 caches and placed 40 caches. And, yes of course, become addicted to Geocoins as well!


It is not the numbers which make Dan special. Rather his approach to living. Dan gives to his community working as a Paramedic. He is a Chairperson for the local Relay for Life. His coin collection is huge and he shares by placing unactivated coins in caches. Most on this forum will not know him, nor has he participated in donations to the recent auctions, because he does not spend time here. Dan has, however, donated and participated locally in geocaching events.


Another remarkable thing about Dan are his cache placements. They are well thought out caches, usually in pretty spots and a number were specifically designed for children. His GeoZoo - in Orrington Maine is a series specifically for children. GC14BGA is the first cache and he has placed 7 of them all on private land with permission. The last one is a night cache with fire tacks. These caches are totally geared to children (but fun for adults). You park in one spot and off you go. Dan has even been known to serve hot chocolate to folks after they finished the series as they were coming back to their car.


Enjoying life, living well, geocaching along the way and giving back - that's Dan!


I know your choice of a winner will be difficult. Thank you for the opportunity to introduce another nominee.

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I'd like to Nominate:


Rivercity: One of the most Sweetest & Kindest Geocacher's I have ever Met.

I'm so lucky to call her my Friend.


LoriDarlin: There aren't enough Words... Such a Beautiful person, inside and out.


Cinemaboxers: Paula is such an amazing Artist, and I'm glad to have her Friendship!


57Chevy: Can't say enough good things about Tim! One of the Best there is!


Oroborus: Alan is amazing, He always has a nice comment, and has gifted so many people

with his Talent of Geocoin Wire Wrappings.

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Oh wow, where to start!


Can I just go through my stack of used mailers and list names one by one? Honestly, the people in that stack are the ones who deserve it all. They have sent me gifts of generosity from their hearts, not because they have to, but because they want to. Even better than those wonderful gifts are the gifts of friendship and caring that they send to a very, very lonely American woman in Sweden who is desperately wanting a job and a life outside the home.


I don't think you guys realize just how much you realize to me, how much you bring a smile to my face, and how much you give me a purpose...I'm not a creative person for the most part, but I find that I want to please the people here who have come to mean so much to me, and the best way I can do it is by thinking of different coins to make and to try to make them come to reality. It's no a dependency on the forum or anything like that, I could leave it in a second (yeah, right ;) ), the people here really have just touched my heart!


I don't think I can safely list them all, but there are a couple that I do want to list!


LoriDarling... I am the unofficial president of her fan club, if there was a person who was more giving, I don't know who it is!


Jodi from TeamFireboy....well, she gives Lori a good run for her money, lol!


Accordiongal... my secret angel who arranged for me to have some very special coins that I wanted so badly but just couldn't afford and then sent me THE most wonderful Hearts Misson package.


Keewee....my gmail chat buddy who makes me laugh and comes on every night to say hi and share goofiness with me.


Chantal....Pengomamma...I tell you my good days and bad and what would I do without ya!


Roddy...I swear, this is going to sound horrible, but I'm so glad your coins and GPS got stolen! If they hadn't, I may never have had the honor of your friendship! Thanks for the laughter, the tears and the friendship!


Fairyhoney....she's always a ray of sunshine to me. Always has a nice thing to say and a song in her heart and for that I'm grateful!


Tsun...that little white buffalo you sent me when I lost the baby still...STILL means the world to me. Whoever woodathunk a little piece of metal could be so healing and mean so much!


GPX, UOTrackers, Allie, LadyB, Bluemotmot, WI Robin, FrozenBuns (where has that woman been, dangit!) Joni, 57, Solan109, the CB couple... See... this is where I want to name everyone and I don't think this post is big enough and now I'm going to end up leaving people out and I don't wanna... wahhhh!


I really have saved, for me, the best for last... and that is Jim Canning, Castleman. We're not especially close, in spite of the hundreds of mails we have exchanged, but Jim gave me an outlet for my creativity here and has enabled me to turn those ideas into coins and encouraged me and taught me in the process. He put my ideas into the metal that we all love and cherish here and that means so very much to me. Others have also helped me, like Emma at Oakcoins and M. Atwell, but Jim got my first coin done for me, and for that I'm forever grateful!


So, that is my PARTIAL list. If your name isn't there, it doesn't necessarily mean that you aren't on it. You all are on the list in my heart of special, wonderful people that make my day just a little bit brighter!


Naomi ;)

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Here are some of my nominations (in no particular order):


TMOCM - He is the most generous guy that I know. He has helped me remain sane throughout the GCF process, so far ;) .


Pengofamily - Chantal - You've been soooo good to my girls, too! Brenda LOVED her Valentine mission!


Yime - designer of fine coin (including ours) and some of our favorite caches


Pghlooking - Another one that helps me maintain my sanity...when your crazy caches are not frying my brain.


Anthus - The talent behind the GCF website, and Brenda's pokemon pals


And...all of the wonderful folks that have donated coins to the GCF (this group's generosity amazes me):








Geocoin Fairy

Great Geocoin Pumpkin


Santa’s Caching Clauses

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I'd like to nominate a few folks!


1) The she-Doxie of 3Doxies. Mary is one of the most generous and kind people I know. Just this past weekend at an event I witnessed this firsthand when she found out that one of the kids there really loved their personal coin. First she made it a point to find him, meet him, and give him one of her coins and then she decided to trade it back for a gold LE coin. All this for someone she had never even met until that day and may never meet again!


2) Creacher. Just seeing Mark makes me grin. He really represents all this is right and good about this great sport...he helped me acquire my very first geocoin purchase and has been the 2nd hand recipient of many a PAF (I bet he's glad I don't have his number)!


3) Horsegeeks. Truly one of the good guys.


4) And last, but not least, Tennessee Jed. I don't know him personally, but I've seen his generosity displayed over and over again. Whenever I head someone bring him up in conversation it's always followed by nice things. That speaks volumes in and of itself!


Thanks for the cointest!



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Hmmm there are a heap of people I wanted to nominate, and most have already been mentioned: Forthferalz, 57Chevy, Tooey, CinemaBoxers, A&T, Tsunrisebey, Creacher, DresselDragons, StellarJnr, Karma, Mousekakat, BlueMotMot, Pengo Family, GBOTs, Rivercity, Fluttershy, Anthus, Team Fireboy, Keewee, WI_Robin, jAY miLLS, Avroair, Castleman, PSU Fan, Theotokos, 3BlindEyes, CachingCoins, ekill, Captain ZULU, BigJohnP, AtlantaGal, Golfnutz, Team Chelmo....etc etc etc


But there are two I'd like to single out:


TokyoBlossom - she is one of the most gorgeous, generous, thoughtful people it has been my pleasure to know


Map Monkey - he's a great friend, one of life's 'givers'. One of his main joys in life is making other people happy. Just dont tell him I told you all - it will wreck his 'hard man' cred ;)


Thanks for the competition Highland Geofairy - if I could nominate you...I would ;) ;)

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