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Oxfordshire Cachers Monthly Meet

Mad H@ter

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Well after much talking about it over the last year or so we have finally got around to kicking off this idea. Unfortunately/fortunately it looks like a busy week for Event Caches in the S/SE, but we have chosen this date to try and accommodate a visitor from across the pond. The event GC19NVQ is being held at the Victoria Arms, New Marston, Oxford.


BTW, sorry about the unimaginative name for the event, we seem to lack any imagination in the Phillimore Clan so any ideas gratefully received <_<.

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That's a good point, does anyone have any dates to avoid? or ones that are good? We were thinking a wednesday evening.

Any night the pub is open is a good night :ph34r: Valid point from Alibags about avoiding the BBH week - Bones1 is hosting that one on 14 May. You won't be able to pick a night when everyone who wants to go can, so picking a night you can make it would be your best bet :D The Berkshire monthly meet is always on the second Thursday of every month so if you are going for a Wednesday you won't be clashing with that. Was good to meet you last night. Liane :laughing:

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That's a good point, does anyone have any dates to avoid? or ones that are good? We were thinking a wednesday evening.


Jack Aubrey and I are hoping to have a weekend in Oxford at the very end of May, as I have a reunion to go to (although we won't know until much closer to the time if we can manage due to extended family ill health). I realise that this event is usually a mid-week one, but just in case a weekend event is planned, Friday 30th or Saturday 31st would be ideal for us. :(

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Right, got a pub sorted, what night would people prefer between Tuesday and Thursday? Tues is curry night, whereas Thurs is general everything night lol. I'm thinking the 20th or the 22nd? A good week after the BBH event. Any views?



Did someone mention curry B)

Tuesday has my vote :rolleyes::(:)

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Don't forget the Oxforshire Cachers meet is next Tuesday GC1BPVF,


We are still looking for a volunteer for the June meet so please don't be shy :) .

I have been contacted by a cacher from across the pond who will be visiting South Oxfordshire (Farringdon) from 9th to 12th so it would be nice if we could get a meet organised in the south of the county (for a change) to welcome him to our green and pleasant land.

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Unfortunately there were no volunteers to organise a June meet :anibad: , and we have not had the chance to organise one as we've been a bit busy getting ready for our two events next weekend :ph34r: .


So what about July’s meet, are there any volunteers willing to put their heads above the parapet and organise it :rolleyes: ? It would be nice to move to a different part of Oxfordshire for a change, I’m sure that there must be some cachers out at Didcot / Wantage / Faringdon / Wallingford etc.


Or is a monthly meet too often :huh: , should it perhaps be every two months or maybe not a regular meet at all, organised on a more random basis perhaps. Does anyone have any views on this?

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