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Colorado - neopren case ?


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I bought a Gilsson neoprene case once for an eTrex and it was utter crap. I've looked at the photos on the link provided and they appear to be equally crap.


If you've ever done any stitching you will realise how it is impossible, as in 'can't be done by man or machine', to stitch neoprene and plastic together where the seam allowance is less than the thickness of the neoprene.


The result is that the edge of the neoprene around the window, twists. You can see it on the shots. You can see that the stitching is uneven from side to side. You can even see that the window is skewed to one side thus obscuring the screen. Not only that but you don't have a lot of room to twist and manipulate the neoprene because it has to also line up with the buttons.


Further the plastic window is an integral part of the construction, so removing it won't help. However I will concede that it's better to have a crappy neoprene case, rather than none if the unit is dropped.

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I guess you could get some nylon-2 neoprene and make your own case, sans window plastic. Just surge around the window opening to make it look purty. If you wanted a plain, ugly (but protective) case, you could design it with the seams on the outside. Corners would have extra padding that way. Wish I still had a working sewing machine -- would take a shot at this.

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