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Musketeer Geocoin


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Very nice! A bigger, fancier version of our musketeer micros. :laughing: I love it.


I thought the same thing..very nice, indeed.


I designed this coin at the same time (actually first) but due to the mint slowdown\errors etc. last year we just went with the micro for the MWGB rather than have the coin arrive after the event.

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Beautiful! Very nicely done :blink: So what happened to the event? It was to be an Event coin or to be ready for MWGB?


Wanted to give people a sneak peek of my Four Musketeers coin, samples just came back from the mint. I designed it 9 months ago with the intention of using it as an event coin. The event never happened so decided to brush off the cobwebs and go ahead and make it.



Trackable, (tracking number on side)

Icon: yes

1.75" diameter

3.5mm thick

Mint run: no idea

For sale or trade only: not sure

Will come in velvet bag


I wanted to include three traits of geocaching:

Porthos: Strength to carry on

Athos: Never give up the hunt

Aramis: Think before you search




Currently thinking about 3 eiditons:

Royalist blue (picture), AS, blue gem

Cardinal red, AS, red gem

Cavalier green, AS, green gem


Hope you like them. :laughing:

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So what happened to the event? It was to be an Event coin or to be ready for MWGB?


It was supposed to be an event coin, but the event never materialized so I turned the idea into a micro coin for hnielsen, cnielsen, marky and myself (4musketeers, get it!?) for MWGB. We rushed them to have them for the mega event.

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Update: All for one and one for all!


(1) I put the order in last friday.

(2) Currently, there are going to be 3 editions with 2 metals, Antique silver will be sold through geoswag front and presale page and I will update people on when they are going on sale, the time and date, there will also be a LE antique gold that will be for myself. (I am not selling or trading these until I have them in hand).

(3) I have kept the numbers fairly low, and probably won't re-mint them.


The three current editions will be:

Royalist --- blue translucent on antique silver, blue velvet bag and blue gem

Cardinal --- burgundy translucent on antique silver, burgundy velvet bag and red gem

Royalist --- green translucent on antique silver, green velvet bag and green gem

I was talked into 2 later editions: there will be a fourth musketeer and a musketeers arch enemy:

Imperialist --- purple translucent on antique silver, violet velvet bag and purple gem

Assassin's Creed --- black translucent on antique silver, black velvet bag and black gem


These should be available towards the end of March.







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