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10 Free Plumbrokeacres Geocoins!

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Year later and I still have a whole bunch of my Plumbrokeacres Geocoins Left :D


So I decided I would do a cointest

I will be giving away 10 coins they will be released to end up in a cache near the winners


The rules are simple

1) 1 post per cacher account

2) name your all time favorite local cache GC# and why is it your favorite? ( the coins goal will be to reach this cache)

3) cointest will end 6pm MST Feb 24 (Today)

4) winners will be decided by myself


have fun good luck

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It isn't local but my favorite cache ever was GC201F. I traveled to Wolong, China in May of 2007 to volunteer at a Panda Preserve for a week. We had to fly into Chengdu from Beijing and than it was a 5 hour car ride into the mountains. The cache is the oldest cache in China and is at the Chengdu panda preserve.



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Would have to be a tie between these two (I'd be tickled to death if either one wins):


GCW43X Justice League

GCGDF1 Chinese Dragon


We have a local cacher named Honeychile. She is well known in the area for the kind of caches that make you laugh and clap your hands like a little kid when you get to GZ. Most have some sort of story behind them and most have wonderful camo that she makes herself. Whenever I want a treat or just need a pick-me-up I hunt one of her caches. She has a number of hides, but I would have to say that these two were the most memorable for me personally and are on my all time favorites list.


By the way, I have one of your coins in my personal collection and I like it too much to release into the wild so I'm really crossing my fingers and toes here so I can have one to keep and one to travel. :D


Thanks for the cointest! :P

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GC13TMB Mission 1: The Message from Marseille

got to be my favourite cache so far. It's a very clever and fun mystery cache, and the circumstances under which I found it, as the last cache after a wonderful and veeeeery long (at least from my point of view :D) day on the bike, made this cache top my list. :P

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The other yoopers favorite cache is actually on of our own...


Golden Fleece Bridge ( GCYCDW)


Its a tongue in cheek lashing at an extremely large expenditure ($1.5 million) for a snowmobile only bridge over I-75 here in Northern MI. We had a fund raising 5 mile run that crossed that bridge a few years ago, our run happened to be planned for a few days before the official ribbon cutting ceremony was to have occured. We made the paper with the planned event before the officials...we were reprimanded by the Federal Forest Service for holding an event without a permit even though we had filled out the appropriate forms several weeks in advance....seems that Tom was in violation of Federal Law. ( you can't charge a fee for an event, we have since gone to donation only)We held the event anyway, he didn't end up in jail, proceeds of our race went to a scholarship fund at our local High School and its been our favorite cache spot ever since!

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Oh dear, do I gotta post just one, or can I post more than one? In any case, I gotta post pics, so sowwee!!


I've actually got two, one mine and one someone else has done.


Crocodile Smile is the first catch we hid as a family. It's one mile from our home, 1.6km, and I think it's so cool to know that the cachers are so close to us when they find it :D. One of the fun things about this cache is that it's located at a lake with a camping area. Last summer some of the children who were there camping found the cache. They were so cute! They posted in the logbook about their "detective service," and how they were on the hunt for a missing cat. They came back 3 or 4 times and made subsequent logs detailing their searches through the summer. It's been a fairly popular little cache and it's hidden in an easy, yet tricky place. We're proud of it :P and we really enjoy maintaining it and refilling it with swag when needed.



The view from the cache


The other is called Utsidan, which translates to "outside" in English. I love this cache and have every intention of going back to visit again over the following summers. It's one of those beautiful places that is in your own neighborhood that you never knew was there. One of my favorite things about this one is that it challenges me physically. It's a decent little hike uphill and over a rock field, and the reward is a beautiful view with a place to grill and a building called a Lappkåta that you can warm up in during the winters. It's the first cache that we brought stuff to grill to, and we spent a wonderful evening up there during last summer in our midnight sun...well, we don't quite have midnight sun, but we're really close, with only about 3 hours of dusk overnight. We ate our grilled dinner (why do things grilled out in nature like that taste so good, anyway?) and ate blueberries we picked on the way up and wild strawberries and watched the sun set... The girls had a wonderful time, Caitlyn was allowed to crawl all over the place and she was one DIRTY baby when we were done, but we all had a wonderful time. Family memories are worth more than any amount of money in the world!



Hanna at the Lappkåta



Pappa and Caitlyn, just a LITTLE lost...



The path going back down



And the view from the top!

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"Forgotten Runway" (GC10T4C)

Although it's actually one of my own caches, I really enjoyed placing and checking up on it. The stories of the area interest me, and hopefully the history of the land will live on through my cache.


Here's a aerial photo of what the area used to look like:




And here's an aerial photo of what the area looks like now:



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Hello Plumbrokeacres


Our favorite cache is: GCQYCY Bedevaart 1 Anton der schijn.


We love this cache because it was our first difficulty xxxxx, We {I] thought that we never make this cache.

This cache look up for a lot of cachers.

In the beginning you must solved a puzzle, that we succeed, so we good started at the first waypoint.

The waypoints were enermous good hide, you must use mirrows, pocker-torch, lay level to find cleus.

See it for you, al people watching that is a fool laying middle in a wood. :D

Also we must solved new puzzle on the road, we must learn how to use our gps.

We must walk on a cart and find a cave. [there were no cave].

They call this cache pilgrimeage, because we must kneel all the time.

We have comeback 3 times, but we have find the cache.

If you find a cleu on the way then you become a Junior-member at the order der hypocrite. :D

And that is a honour. :(

We are proud that we have walk this cache, so i wiil always remember us of our struggle. :P


So when you are in the Netherlands we recommend you this cache. :P

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I have one....




It's one of my memorables as we had not planned on stopping cause we were getting short on time for our vacation.... we stopped... and we stayed the entire day exploring the mines and mill ruins .... our car came away much heavier as I gathered a ton of stuff....


There is another one nearby that was archived by my husband he now realizes that its one of the ones we liked GCHA72 that was really exciting cause we searched and searched the ruins, found coal.... and loved the history story there...


I don't live near there but its a wondeful memory we will always tell...



Cache Agent

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Our favorite cache is GCXVN1- Mountain Tragedy.


The cache is placed at the site of a plane crash. The plane was dropping slurry on a fire when it crashed, killing the pilot and 3 firefighters. My husband, Fireboy is a Airport Crash Fire Rescue firefighter. He grew up in Greybull, WY. The plane that crashed belonged to Hawkins and Powers and their headquarters are located in Greybull, WY. Fireboy grew up with the planes flying over.


The hike to get to the cache is not too difficult. The cache holds a moderate amount of information about the crash site. At the crash site you can observe sheared off trees, tons of metal fragments and you can still smell a mixture of burning wood, airplane fuel and melted plastic. The cache pays tribute to those who died in the crash and to firefighters worldwide. The site felt "sacred" and we had plenty of time to reflect about all the firefighters worldwide who have given their life fighting fires.

Amazing cache!.




Thanks for the cointest!

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I would say GC22C9 - Heroes of Flight 93


We planed our holiday from South Africa with a definite stop at this cache. This cache has been archive since our visit, but I would visit this site of bravery again.


These were some of the bravest people in history, IMO....God bless them :D

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There are SO many caches that come to mind that it is hard to name just one. As I was thinking about it I realized that a lot of them are memorable because of the company I was with. Here there is a series of Harry Potter caches put out by Moscow32 to commemorate the Harry Potter series with the final timed somewhat to the release of the last book. I was FTF on two of them one on the Fourth of July and as I found it fireworks went off! LOL I had the most fun with The Philospher's Stone (HP#1) GC13BT4. This is a letterbox and consists of about 1-1.5 mile walk throughout the park along a walkway actually built in the shores of the lake. As you can imagine there are many kinds of wildlife to be seen there.


4 of us searched out this cache and I had a lot of fun teaching them the nuances of the swish and flick wand movement among others things. I found out that I was the only one who had read the Harry Potters book of our little band. I was teased a bit (well quite a bit) as we made our journey for I insisted that we do each movement required each step of the way--the incantations and wand work and knocking in the correct spot along with the spinning. Nurse Nanna insisted I was really trying to take her out with my spinning movements. LOL


As we walked following the directions of the letterbox we took a lot of pictures--only a few ended up in my log. Here is my log for that cache. I think those that have read the books will apppreciate my little story.

LadyBee4T's Log for The Philosopher's Stone

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We haven't been caching long so I will say it's the first cache we found which started us in this wonderful sport. The cache is close to home here in Kamloops and it surprisingly took us three times to find it even though it's listed as a 1.5/1.5. Once we found it (with some help from the owner) we all had a great laugh. We walked all around it and amazingly still didn't see the forest for the trees so to speak. Of course we really didn't know what we were looking for at the time since it was our first attempt afterall. It was such a thrill to finally find that first one and each time we go out we always remember it fondly.


So ya, GCKKZR Cottonwood Corner would have to be the most memorable for us. thanks for the contest...

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Our favorite would have to be GC14KXT (4th Jean's First Cache). This is our daughters first cache, she made the container herself and came up with the idea. To say the least I was impressed. She put a lot of thought and time into this and it turned out great, especially as it is a urban cache. Thanks for the cointest, later.

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Favorite Cache ever: GCN05P "Down The Rabbit Hole" Letterbox Hybrid in Monterey, California.


This is a night cache. You start in a beautiful hilltop park "Veteran's Park" and must walk up a trail following Fire Tacks (reflectors used by hunter) for over a mile and a half up through a beautiful pine forest. Then when closing in on the cache the reflectors get denser until you finally see the location which it topped off literally by a Scary looking RED EYED evil rabbit guarding his rabbit hole. The round trip takes about 2 hours but the fresh air, eerie sounds of the eucalyptus and pine trees creeking in the wind make the adventure PURE GEOCACHING AT IT'S BEST!

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We haven't been caching long so I will say it's the first cache we found which started us in this wonderful sport. The cache is close to home here in Kamloops and it surprisingly took us three times to find it even though it's listed as a 1.5/1.5. Once we found it (with some help from the owner) we all had a great laugh. We walked all around it and amazingly still didn't see the forest for the trees so to speak. Of course we really didn't know what we were looking for at the time since it was our first attempt afterall. It was such a thrill to finally find that first one and each time we go out we always remember it fondly.


So ya, GCKKZR Cottonwood Corner would have to be the most memorable for us. thanks for the contest...


I was in Kamloops last spring unfortunately I didn't get much caching done as i had two days to get from Prince George to Kamloops and back in two days took 10 hours to get there and 10 to get back found 25 caches on the way but ran out of time. hope to get back soon and find some more. I've Cached out PG.

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After five years of caching, one of my favorites is one of my first Let the Games Begin.


Gary and Margie placed the cache and they specialize in awesome caches that highlight our Owyhee Desert, the pioneers and the beauty of the area.


Aside from that, you must read the logs, all the way back when it was a new cache in 2003. And the cool thing is that I don't think anyone has given away the secret yet, as least in the logs...

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Hello! Nice coins! I did not understand something! when the coins reach their destination, the winners can take them? Will the coins be theirs and after that there will be an adoption of the coin??


Iti s very hard to name my favorite cache! I suppose it shouldn't be a micro!


I have a favorite cache, itis in my island, but not so close to me, but this is not a problem!!! :unsure:


My favorite cache, is the first non micro cache I ever found (counting micros too, this was the 2nd!!!)!

When I was about to give up, I found this, it had a beautiful geocoin and it really gave me geocaching wings!!! :blink:


This cache is called: Archangelos Michael Paralimiotis - Rhodes.

It has a code : GC13WQY


I have caches closer to me, but this cache will be in my heart for ever!

Oh! It is in a beautiful place too! :P

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Zoe's TB Playhouse <Park on Street> (GCY83C) This is one of the biggest caches i have seen even bigger then Big Boy (GCXTPX)


The Owners are friend of mine that helped me along in caching and they are the one that are like my Caching parents. Plus there are a ton of bugs that move thru that cache. It would be the perfect goal for one of these beautiful coins. Heres a picture to show just how big it is That my Girlfriend Tag_along she is about 5' 9" to give a height comparison.


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Leviathan Lurking GC127ZF


This one has to be our favorite. Location is beautiful and the puzzle is so well done. Don't want to give too much away because everyone visiting the area should make an effort to find this cache. The mechanics of the cache are truly something to behold. This one would have been the hands down winner of Best Cache for Blitz 07 if it had not been disqualified as placed by one of the executive of the BCGA. It was certainly the talk of the wrap up event and the membership gave them a prize anyway.

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Well I think this has to be our favorite cache:


False Alarm - GCMT4B


This cache is maintained by Fire Fighters and is located next to a Fire House. It stresses the importance of fire prevention and teaches a very good lesson to everyone. It is also a Ammo Can filled with great stuff always and is handicapped/wheelchair accessible (which is a great + for me). It's great for kids because it always carries nice things for kids and also has the added benefit of having the firehouse and fire trucks next to it where I'm sure the kids could visit and enjoy seeing the big trucks. There have also been mystery coins found at this location (one of which was the Secret Agent coin which we found there) and I also think a certain Jedi has also shown up there. When we have extra good stuff we will usually stop by there and throw some good swag into it. I wish all caches were this nice.

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We have 22 caches here on Mount Desert Island, 2 of which are mine, but my favorite cache is Hunters Beach Hunt GCGPXG. A wonderful Fir lined trail gently decending to a cobble beach. No sandy beach here!, just heaps and heaps of beautiful, smooth, egg-shaped cobbles. Oh, did I mention the bounding brook paralleling the trail? So cool and refreshing in summer. From the beach, we then climb a cliff trail with spectacular ocean views to the cache. As 110 images in the photo gallery will attest, this is one awesome cache!

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I debated between a few, and decided to choose GCGZ20- "What's Up Doc"

This cache is a piece of San Francsico caching history- it is one of our most found caches at over 300 finds to date, and having seen about 150 trackables. It was also one of the caches used in a famous filming of "Bay Area Backroads," in which the host found this one with Team Alamo.

It gets its name from the film "What's Up Doc?" that was shot at this location during the seventies, and it is possible to see some of the damage to stairs that was done in the film. It is currently mantained by Walruz, one of our resident experts on fake rocks, and the rock used to camoflauge this one has not only fooled muggles, but also lasted the muggling of the actual container.

Oh, and did I mention the great San Francisco views?

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Thanks for the cointest!


My favorite cache is one of my own called "Number 2" GC154RC. I'm sure there are others out there like this, but I'd never come across one. Considering we are always looking for caches in the woods, I figured it was appropriate. And, really, I just find it funny. It's even funnier because no one who knows me expected me to do it. Plus, the cachers who do find it seem to get a pretty good laugh out of it. There have been some very creative logs left behind, too. So, even though I placed it, I get to both give and get my fair share of smileys!





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We've done enough caches that it is really hard to pick just one. But during whale season it is hard to beat GCE332 A Leap of Faith. From the cache description: "The above cords will take you to a spot where others have taken a leap of faith. The trail starts just to the left of a vacant lot. It is also a great place to contemplate the value of living, as well as creatures large and small. " Doesn't that make you want to visit?


This cache is a favorite for so many reasons. First we love going there. On the cache page you will find our found it log and three notes. Plus we've been there many other times not mentioned on the cache page. When we began caching it was the first place we thought of leaving a cache; naturally there was already one there!


Second the wildlife, we've seen whales, sea turtles, monk seals and even goats at the site.


Third the scenery, ocean waves, Diamond Head and (on a clear day) Molokai. And don't forget the "spitting" sea cave below the leapers.


Of course a picture speaks 1,000 words.






Perhaps the best part, the cache is less than 5 minutes from parking! Whenever we need a minivacation, we just come here to relax.



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My favorite cache would be?? Well I got to of them but one of them is a magnet thing with no container so that one is out. My second favorite would be GCWT2K. The owners of this cache made a replica a one of those warning post that fiber optics are buried in the ground beneth you. It took several tries but I finally found it. Picture the image below with out the sign on it. That what the thing lookes like.


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Not sure what time it is MT but my favorite cache is Flanders Hill Cache, GC136TE. My grandson was born 7 weeks early and weighing 3 pounds. He came here at 2 weeks old and he was a high risk baby so the doctors wouldn't let him near people so we started taking him caching. When he turned 2 and still liked to cache and it wasn't always convenient to take him caching so we put a cache in a tree just for him. He would go out and check on it and add to it so we decided to make one and get it published for him to take care of. He comes and checks out the cache and adds things to keep it full. Even though there is snow he likes checking on the cache and we have to take stuff out so he can put new things in. It is just a lot of fun watching him do it.

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Thanks for the great caches! it was hard to pick so I put the names in a hat

and in no particular Order The winners are:









sillygirl & jrr


I will start activating the Coins tomorrow Afternoon and will release them as I go caching. Adoption notices should start arriving in the winners email by Tuesday sooner if I can.

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