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Another Sunday's Best Coin Trade Cointest!


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Ok, this contest worked out very well last time where I received a very special Trade Only Templar coin from Mambomania last time, so I thought I'd give it another go. I got some extra Carousel Horses in the mail today and I am going to offer THE GOLD RE WHITE HORSE coin along with an extra surprise coin (it won't be another horse or anything spectacular but a nice coin) for the best offer I like that you post. Check out your trader list and ours (in our profile) and offer 1 AND ONLY 1 coin per post that your willing to trade for these two coins. THAT'S RIGHT YOU GET TWO COINS FOR 1!!! Remember everyone will see your posts. At Midnight (EST) Sunday night I will pick the winning offer and ship out the coins asap for the trade.




1. Offer only 1 COIN Per Post. (Unactivated)


2. You can post as many times as you like and as often as you like but only 1 coin offer per post.


3. Serious offers only. You can joke around if you like but make sure your post has one coin you would seriously trade.


4. Make sure you check out everyone else's offer before posting your own. If two posts are the same and I like that offer I will pick the first one posted.


5. Please be kind and don't make rude comments based on others offers.


6. Please don't ask for a specific coin as your surprise coin, what I'm offering as the surpise coin stands.


7. Note: Check out our activated list so you don't offer something we already have.

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:P So where's the cointest part? I see the trade part. :D Isn't this really just a trade and should be posted up top?


I think the "cointest" is that you're trying to "win" the right to trade by posting offers.


I dunno how it should be classified, but apparently it works, because folks seem to come up with some surprisingly big offers :D

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:D So where's the cointest part? I see the trade part. :D Isn't this really just a trade and should be posted up top?


The cointest part is me picking the offer I like the best and the winning of the extra unknown coin.



I see the trade portion, but not the cointest portion? So you win the second coin and that's the cointest? :P

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Ok, normally I don't complain about much but as I watch this new trend take place, I don't see the contest in this either? It's a 'fancy' way to make a trade, marketing ploy: a 2-for-1 special which can be done in the trade thread.


I offer a coin in the trade thread and people email me with their offers, I choose the offer I like best. As an inscentive I offer a little 'extra' coinage, wooden nickel, whatever... come on. So everyone I trade with is a contest winner or I'm the winner :unsure:


Maybe I'm just jealous cause I wasn't smart enough to start trading this way first :blink:


Let's see, I've got ..... to trade and you can 'win' a free used coinvelope with the trade :P Heck I ran alot of contests last year but with this new option I bet I can quadruple my cointest output.


Ya, I'm picking on ya a little bit but it's all in fun (although still don't think this is a contest but that's only my 2 cents of geopinion and pretty much worthless to everyone else).

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Would offer a LE CinemaBoxers V1 (Polished Gold Cosmo Memorial coin) - Just got these in and they are EXCLUSIVELY Trade only.




Hope we win!




Beautiful - and to me - we are all out of the running to win at this point! Of course, I have a soft spot in my heart for that breed and beautiful specimen (both dog and coin!). Very nice Paula & Jim!

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Ok, cointest is over sorry I'm kinda late it's actually almost 1am EST here. I'll post my decision in a moment. I'm going to review all the choices. You all really have not made it easy at all. There are soooo many wonderful choices, thank you all for the offers.


Decision in a moment...

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First off I want to thank each and every person who made such wonderful, special, and unbelievably great offers. I have total respect for each and every offer that was made and I just wish I had enough to trade for each and every one of them. It kind of makes me both happy and sad at the same time because I will be picking something that is really special but at the same time I have to turn down others that are equally special. The choice I have made is something that I have been trying to get for a very, very long time and have made quite a few efforts to get one but have been unable to get it. My decision is...








DRUM ROLL PLEASE...............












or a copper Earth Turtle coin


Copper Earth Turtle from Team Skully!


Please send me your address and I will ship the coins out to you asap for the trade! Thank you so much for your wonderful, wonderful offer. Please keep an eye on the forums I will most likely do another cointest like this next weekend.


Please, whether or not you consider this a cointest or not please don't turn this into a debate. It really is a matter of opinion as to whether you consider it a trade or cointest. I can see the "contest" part in this myself , and if you do not think it really is a contest then you do not have to participate and so please leave it at that. Thank you.

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