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Wherigo Geocache


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What do you think about Wherigo as a new cache type and how it will be used?



I recall when car cassette players first hit the market, and we all felt pretty smug in knowing our 8 track tapes would never be outdated. After a space of time, the 8 track became history, with cassettes now following their lead.


You mean there's newer technology than 8 tracks? Who knew?



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I am completely unaware of Wherigo. I don't understand what it is, having been to the website; and I don't intend to pursue it. I have enough trouble wrapping my brain around some of the concepts, terms, and practices in GC.com; I don't need something else to completely fry my brain. Heck, I'm happy finding micro's, for crying out loud! Some of the puzzle caches that are popping up around here in Central Wisconsin are toooooo much for this bumpkin; don't ask me to accept any more technology. For me, there'd be no "learning curve", just a fast downward spiral, followed by a resounding crash, whether on the Wherigo concept itself or Wherigo caches.


I've read this entire thread, and I think I agree with you. I still don't understand it and don't really know where to go to get a good explanation. And to think I spent money making sure my new GPSr would play.

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Well, I do not know about creating one, but I do enjoy finding them. I think the listing of them must be confusing to do it right and secure, because there are usually glitches with them. I also know that most phones I have used or seen used have had issues with them. If you have an Oregon or Colorado, they work great.


I do like them, especially the ones that are tested to work before published, but they are not going to be for everyone as many folks will not have the proper devices to enjoy them properly. I appreciate the courage to the folks who try to list them.

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I still don't understand it and don't really know where to go to get a good explanation.

I'm a hands on learner. You can tell me how to do something a dozen times, and I might get it right, or you can show me once. When I did my thousandth find, I wanted the Wherigo icon. I did not have the equipment to do one, so I commenced shameless begging, eventually locating a Wherigo owner willing to meet me on site to show me the ropes. Once I saw it work, I fell in love with the cache type, as there is so much you can do with them. If you want to learn how it works, put all the local Wherigos on a watchlist. If you get a note saying someone else is going to try one of them, ask if you can tag along. The learning curve for using a device with the software is about 2 minutes. Learning how to create a cartridge is a lot harder, but if someone like me, who is dumber than a bag of hammers can figure it out, I have faith that anyone with a pulse can manage.


If you find yourself in Central Florida, give me a shout. I'll show you how it works.

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