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Looking for cheap used GPS


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There are lots of used GPS units for under 60 dollars on ebay. They won't have mapping capabilities but you will find geocaches with them and they will record a track so that you can go back track to your starting point. Some sell for under 20 dollars (Lowrance GlobalNav 200, Magellan 315, Garmin 45, Garmin 38, Geko, Garmin EMap etc) but I wouldn't recommend such units for anyone willing to pay 60 dollars. Better off buying a GPS with mapping capability. They all contain basemaps of N.America and you can buy additional mapping software that can be used on the newer GPS models when you decide to upgrade.


I suggest that you add a few dollars and buy a used Garmin Legend which often sell for around 60 to 70 dollars plus shipping. The legend has a basemap of N.America with all the main roads. Add about 10 to 20 dollars and you can get a Garmin Vista which has more memory, altimeter and compass (when standing still).


If you can find a used Lowrance IFinder (quite rare), they are also a great buy. I bought a used IFinder Pro, with external antenna, car adapter, nylon case and a Freedom Map SD card of the province where I live for 85 dollars. I've seen some IFinder Map and Music (plays mp3s) sold on ebay for ridiculously low prices.

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My rst gps was an emap. it was a great starter gps I could download topo or street maps in it and it would run my streets and trips just fine. my new legend cx is alot better but I just bought another emap for a friend and spent 45 bucks. great unit for the price it will get you in the door and in the Garmin door which is the way the majority of people end up going. Buy the emap and start saving for a 60csx or a new colorado for the far off future.

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