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Releasing Geocoins This Year

Dr. Whoever
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Tomorrow 50 more will be headed to Groundspeak HQ to be dropped in the cache there. Anyone heading over to visit the HQ please grab one and take it far and wide. Geocoins are designed to travel. Let's get them out of the dark lonely binders and let them do what they were designed to do.


I'll be responding to more of the emails tomorrow morning. The count at this time is 350 out this calendar year......forget 400.....new goal 600!!!!!!!!!!

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I would be happy to drop some off in the north of Sweden for you.


HEY! Welcome to the forum, Motocycleboi!! I'm really glad to see you here! :laughing:


Just so you guys know, MCB has designed the totally awesome coin you see in his avatar and run with it himself. It's a beaut!


As for Jim and his insanity...


You know you can count on me, too!! Ya know where to find me, lol~


Naomi :)

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I can drop some around for you too if you want --- in the eastern panhandle of WV, central VA or MD.

And, if you're not in any hurry -- this summer I could most likely drop some in Arkansas or Maine and Nova Scotia, Canada. Some other trip abroad will be in there too, but I haven't decided where I'm going to go yet . . .

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Now, if there's anyone who would like to help drop some of these in let's say (Iceland, Greenland, Belgium, Spain, Germany, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Poland, Russia, Czech Republic, Luxembourg, France, UK, Finland, Australia, New Zealand, and any other place in the USA not really close to me that I can't immediately get to please post here not my email please and I'll try to get some for you to drop). I'd really like to see more coins travel instead of just disappearing into binders or into some unknown abyss.


Who wants to join in?


Is Texas far enough? I could take some to the Texas Challenge, our annual contest, and from there get them all over the state. Let me know! :)


Happy Trails,


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Big postal bill today. Put over 500 out to travel today. 50 will be at Groundspeak HQ by Tuesday. Anyone headed there grab one and drop it far and wide.


I'll be taking 50 to British Columbia and Seattle myself in June and 50 more to Ontario, Canada in September. I'll be checking my numbers this weekend and anyone who has not received an email back confirming a package sent I will see if I have some to send to those who posted here.


I'll also be taking 350 to Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Lumembourg, Italy, France and possible Czech Republic next April (4 week caching trip). At that point I'd like to have a cool 1000 out traveling.

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It is great to see that you are activating and releasing your geocoins into the wild. I think that is a great thing to do. It is something that should be done. The emails you will get back when people discover your coins in caches will bring more joy to you on a daily basis than anything you would ever get from a collection on a shelf. Even lugging those things to events is tiresome. No one has the time or the enthusiasm to look at every one. It is much better to send them off into geocachingland. Yeah, a few get lost and maybe stolen, but in the long run the majority do travel and get discovered and bring joy to many others. I love finding a geocoin in a cache and I love leaving one even more. More of us should do this. Thanks for your actions. You are really giving back to the community by doing this. :blink:

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