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Using iPod for Paperless

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I've tried to go paperless with my iPod using 2 different programs: CacheMagnet and GSAK.


I don't mind CacheMagnet. It's a good program for getting the basics. I do not like having to switch "pages" in the iPod to get to the note I want to look at. If it was one continuous scroll I think I would like it more.


The main reason I like GSAK better is because of the format when put into contacts. I was wondering if there was a way to get rid of the web address in the contact. I have the name and code for the cache, so I really don't need the other information.


In the cache information I would like to see:

• Code (formatted to be first name)

• Name of Cache (formatted to be last name)

• Coords, Difficulty, Terrain

• Description

• Hints

• At least 1 or 2 logs

• User Notes for puzzles, etc.


If there is already a way to format the cache code and name to be first and last name I never found it while searching.


I have found that I almost never get logs in my upload to iPod. I have no clue how I'm getting all this to upload, I just put in the information I found in several posts to get the output that was set.


Any help on how to get the right output when using GSAK is greatly appreciated!

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