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Black Nickel Wood Screw Geocoins!


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Thanks to all the soon to be happy cachers! These are now sold-out! You will all get a screw or two before you know it! :ph34r:



When the 2007 version of the screw geocoin was released, I received an LE version in Black Nickel.


This ended up being my favorite version in the bunch. The white lettering looks great on the shiny black finish.


I've only got 50 to sell. Orders will be filled by the time stamp in my emails. No PM's please. Email is cornerstone4@gmail.com.


Coins are $10.00 each. $2.00 shipping and handling for the first screw, and only 50 cents for each additional screw... :rolleyes:


Overseas orders are $3.50 for the first screw, and the same 50 cents for each additional screw.


Here is a pic I grabbed off of my Ebay auction.



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Ok gang...here is where we are at!


I have answered all the emails I received, and everyone is covered.


Most of the posts above this I recognize, but some of your emails don't match your caching names. If you already sent an email, and did not hear from me, please let me know.


As I am typing this, I noticed the post requesting 15 coins...I did not get that email, but that takes the last of the coins!


Ok, I just checked my spam folder, and amid all the "enlargement" and similar type emails, lo and behold, there was one for 15 "Screws"...imagine that! :rolleyes:


Thanks for your help...they are gone!





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