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Field Notes and Terminology

Ranger Fox
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Upload a field note file and go to the following page:



The available actions are "Post Log" and "Delete Log". I have already logged the cache I was testing this for; I just wanted to see what this feature did. The terminology behind "Delete Log" did not sit well with me as I initially thought clicking this linkbutton would delete my online log. However, it simply removes the note from the list.


I think the word "Log" is a little misleading in this circumstance--especially with what it could imply. I would suggest "Remove Field Note" or "Delete Field Note". You can't use "Note" by itself because that would also be misleading, a'la posting a note log for a cache.




On a side note, I see the log type in the notes section matches the log type when you click through to "Post Log". However, the date is not carried through as well.


This is a nice feature addition and I think others will really like it. Since I always post the time in my logs--and am in the acute minority for doing so--I will have to use the Garmin text file itself and skip this feature.

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As long as we can still avoid copy and paste logs, that's fine.


I customized my Firefox bookmarks and created a private Greasemonkey script so logging is really quick anyway. I just type "log gcxxxxx" into the address bar and it takes me to the log page with the "found it" log type and my mileage tracker already selected while the insertion point is in the text area. After I type the log, a few tabs, hit the space bar, and I'm done with that half of logging.


Anyway, my main field notes are done on my PDA with MS Excel.


The problem with this Colorado feature is WHERE Garmin put the option. It's only accessible on the screen where the cache is displayed for the first time. Once you hit "Go To Location" to navigate to it, the option disappears and you have to select the cache again if you want to mark it. The option is not available on the map screen after that or the compass screen at all. Still a lot of UI work left.

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Interesting. I've always done field notes to remind me of what to log later. It's both cool and sad to see that the entire logging process can now be automated better than before.

It isn't nearly as automated as you think. Just uploads the name and date/time of find from the colorado - then you can click through the list easily to post your logs just as you did before. Same page, same form, same fields.


Pretty Cool way to make sure you didn't miss logging one.

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It's a simple text file. The following is what's in it:


GCRYV4,2008-02-17T17:22Z,Found it,""
GCMQME,2008-02-17T17:36Z,Didn't find it,""


If you're wondering what the last empty string value is, that's your initial log entry. I don't think the Colorado will let you type up a log for it--and the way they enter text is less efficient than the 60CSx.


I can see what some of you are interested in doing. Sounds like fun. Heck, I might join the bandwagon and create a logging assistance program if I can figure out how to make it more efficient than my current logging process.

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I got a bit further.


I've created a "geocache_visits.txt" on an advanced text editor named Ultraedit. Saw the structure of the file that Ranger Fox and tried something.


GCXZY2,2008-02-22T12:22Z,Found it,"TFTC."
GCZCAW,2008-02-22T12:23Z,Found it,"TFTC."
GCVYZR,2008-02-22T12:28Z,Didn't find it,"Blame the ampersand."
GC13TRB,2008-02-22T12:36Z,Found it,"TFTC."


I saved the file as format UTF-8 (.txt, of course). Worked like a charm.


Of course that caches with the indication of "Unattempted" won't show up on the field notes after uploading the file.


Hope the developers of paperless caching software will update their field notes. :)


edit: spelling.

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I don't think we need 2 separate threads on field note specs, in two separate forums. Can a moderator merge this one with the one in GPS Units & Software (where this probably belongs).


That won't work. The OP talked about the terminology use with "Delete Log". I guess it derailed due to interest in what was being uploaded. Merging them won't make sense. But, now, people know where to post general information about the text file.

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