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Cryptogram Cointest

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Here's another cryptogram cointest!


I am giving away a Black Nickel Suncatcher Moose on the Loose.

There will be two winners - the first reply from North America, and the first reply from Across The Pond. Please DO NOT POST YOUR RESPONSE HERE - send your response to my email address, vcaruso19@hotmail.com. If you're stumped, you can buy a vowel by offering me a trade!


Here is the phrase:



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Anthus got it!!!


Thanks for playing!


Marky - I didn't receive your email - could you re-send it?

Well, I looked at my sent email, and found that in my hurry to send my answer, I typo-ed your email address. So, whoever vcaruso19@hotmsil.com is, they got my answer. I forwarded it to the correct address, too late, unfortunately. :)



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Congrats Naomi.


Special thanks to my hubby for winning this one for me. I was way to busy at work today. He saw the email topic notification and won the coin for me. :) I didn't know anything about it until he got home from work today.


Thanks BlueMotMot for the cointest!!


....Anthus (the Mrs.)

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"There's no place like roam."


This phrase was on the "Life is Good" t-shirt I pulled on yesterday - not perfect gramatically but still appropriate for geocachers!


Thanks for all who played!


What cipher was used?

A simple substitution cipher, as far as I can tell. At least, that's how I solved it.

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