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I love being outdoors, however I'm not too found of programming hundreds of caches

into the wayfinder, I would like arout 500 in the Uppland area and 500 in the Stockholm area.....

Is there any way to find this somewhere? I'd have no problem paying geocaching for it but downloading

one at a time wont work for me.

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As I understand it you can only send GPS koordinates to one at atime, or at the very top a small list.


I want to be able to download the entire (or up to 500 at least) PIO database in Uppsala Län

and Stockholms Län in Sweden.


I have a registered account and cant get it to work extect a few at a time.


The GPS is a TomTom GO 720 (changed it from Garmin 760 which what crap imho)).

Can I load just the geo. poi's on a sd-memory card?




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I would still suggest that premium membership and pocket queries could be exactly what you need.


http://www.geocaching.com/subscribe/ says

Why should I pay for a membership?

* Pocket Queries

Hand-entering geocache coordinates is tedious, and you run the risk of developing repetitive motion injuries if you hunt more than a few caches in a day. With a Pocket Query you can download up to 500 specifically defined geocache waypoints directly to your GPS in a flash!

* Caches along a Route...



GSAK might be a good companion to pocket queries and many GPS devices. It can create TomTom POI files, among many other useful features.


I'm not familiar with your TomTom and Garmin models, so no comments about those.


By the way, Swedish cachers have been seen discussing also in http://www.geocaching.se/forum/, if you didn't know.

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