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Best caches in Yuma area

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Hi, I'll be visiting in the Yuma area in about 6 weeks and would like to see what are some of your favorite caches. We like parks, hikes and moderate climbs. We're not much into micros unless there is a good reason for it. I tried browsing for anyone who's created bookmark lists of their favorites but didn't find any. What's your favorite?

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:drama:Hi, I have a series of Access Caches here in Yuma. Six of them are in the West Wetlands Park....They are all puzzle caches (Math). Look for caches by GIDEON-X, run a search for zip 85364, most all of my GIDEON-X caches the name will be in Purple (GIDEON)


Hope this helps, GIDEON-X............... :drama:

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Don't miss A.T.M. while you are there. Since I normally filter out the "Puzzle" caches while traveling, I am glad I learned about that one ahead of time.


Check out the other caches by Jeep 'n Jumpers and make sure you do the "~ Ocean to Ocean ~" Virtual. That bridge is very interesting!


For an urban cache, Aqua 2000 was a great one . . . but we DNF'd it on our first visit . . .;) For another urban cache, the type I don't normally do, I liked "What a Novel Idea." :drama:


Have fun! :drama:

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The bookmark list above has some great ones. Especially Sea Shells TB Stop & Go By the same owner as A.T.M. These are both MUSTS! And the Sea Shells one is the biggest one I've seen or heard of so far (bigger than me, and I'm 6'4" 230 !!) Most of Gideon-X 's caches are fun puzzles, and nice ammo cans with nice SWAG.

This one is a great historical location at the Yuma Territorial Prison - The Dark Cell Poltergeist


This is a great tribute - beautiful spot



Hope this helps, and enjoy your visit - not sure when you are going to be here but Airshow is this weekend 2-23-08 at MCAS Yuma, and Car Show a week or 2 after that.



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I thank you all for directing me to these caches. I'll be in Yuma the 28th for about 4 days to visit my daughter. She loves the Yuma area and is helping spearhead a Yuma function called Endurance Days or something like that. She is into flying and learned that back in '49 pilots Bob Woodhouse and Woody Jongeward flew a 1948 Aeronca Sedan, named the City of Yuma, continuously for 1,124 hours from Aug. 24 to Oct. 10.


Maybe some of the local geocachers can get involved and place a few caches commemorating the flight.

For more info about the flight check Endurance flight

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