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selling coins on EBAY


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Selling on eBay is pretty easy.

The best thing to do is describe your item as best you can in the best detail you can.

Any pictures you have of the item are helpful but most of the time I steal a picture that most looks like my item that I am selling.

But the #1 rule is describe your item in the best detail you can. List any imperfection and list all the good things too. The better you describe your item, the less likely there will be any missunderstandings. I hate it when I think I am buying a nice geocoin only to find when it arrives it is all scratched up or something. Even small sctratches on a geocoin effect the value I think.

And I usually only ship inside the USA as it limits the unhappy buyers if the item takes too long in the mail or gets lost.

Also I only ship using Priority Mail because the shipping is quick and reliable.

If your buyer says you had slow shipping he will be unhappy. Plus Priority Shipping is not that much more money anyways and the buyer is paying for it anyway. The Post office will supply a free Priority Mail shipping box for your item.

I never really use shipping insurance either as Priority Mail is reliable but you can offer it if you want.


If you are just selling coins then buyers usually like inexpensive shipping around $2.00 so you will likely use first class shipping. I would figure out what an inexpensive padded envelope costs and then ask a Post office teller how much it would be to ship. Then list you shipping cost up front in your listing. That keeps the buyers informed of exactly how much it would be. Most eBay buyers are smart, they usually know when you are padding your pockets with extra shipping costs. And good buyer feedback is very important.


I hope this helps

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I would suggest that if you don't really have to have the new gps toy right away wait a while to put your coins on the auction block. I was recently surprised by the number of coins listed (up 50% from last year) and how many were coming to the close of auction without a single bid. It sure seems that there are way more sellers than buyers right now.... which makes sense given the economic conditions we're facing.

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There's a lot to take in to consideration when selling geocoins on Ebay. The time the auction ends and the demand for the coin are 2 huge determining factors when it comes to selling. I know someone said earlier in the thread that there are a lot of auctions ending with no bids. That is very true. But as someone that sells 80-100 coins a month on there, business has never been better. I use it as a ways to pay for the coins I keep and to make extra money.

Make sure the coins you have to sell have a demand. Search for completed items for your coins. See what prices they are going for. Is it a price you are willing to sell it for then? If there are none for sell on Ebay, and you are not for sure if it is a coin that is in demand, save the fees and sell it to people here that you know will want them.

This community is an amazing place. When I recently had surgery, I offered up some coins here for sale to raise some quick money. They pulled together and helped me out tremendously.


One last thing I find big to people on Ebay is of course your feedback. The lower the feedback numer you have or if you have negatives, the lower the price you get.

There is much, much more that goes in to my business. But those are some of the things I take in to consideration.

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