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viewing maps on older Palm


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I'm new to paperless caching, and after reading several forum posts on using older Palm PDAs decided to try it out. I've now officially taken my Palm M505 into the woods for a day of caching, read descriptions and older logs, not to mention hints. Good stuff! But is there a way to view maps on this Palm? Can map images of say, Map Quest, or even City Navigator or Mapsource be saved, hotlynced and viewed on a M505? I have added a card, so have some memory, but just am clueless how to do this. Help please? :ph34r:

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First of all, I don't have any experience with the M505, but I own a Z72 and often save images to it.


I start with GSAK which has a neat screen-save feature. While GSAK is running in the background, simultaneously press CTRL SHIFT F10 and it will send a snapshot of whatever is on the screen to the desktop.


Note that GSAK will always save the snapshot under the SAME name, overwriting the previous image. So, if you want to save multiple images, you must rename the snapshot each time.


You can then drag all of the icons to the "Palm Quick Install" and they'll transfer on the next hotsynch.


I notice that the M505 only has a 128x128 display, so I don't know how this will affect what you see.


Here is a screenshot showing some images and MP3 files ready for synching.



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