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idea for treasure hunt cache..

team lagonda
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would this be legal since all the other stages for this cache wouldnt envolve coords,just your knowlege of trees..the idea is to have coords to the first stage and from there on the directions to all the other stages would be a specic compass heading to a certain kind of tree,,like ,,so many degrees north till you find the butternut tree..than at the butternut tree you would get instuctions so many degrees sw till you find the red maple tree ..and so on..this would be even more tuff in the winter....the clue for this cache if i place it would be to carry along a indentification book of trees....

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There has to be at least one place in your cache that relies on GPS coordinates, or else this is a letterbox rather than a geocache. My suggestion is to make it a multicache, with the posted coordinates being either the location of the first tree in a random spot, or the random spot along the trail where you ask finders to make the first projection to the first tree. By "random spot," I mean somewhere in the woods, so that finders use their GPS to get there. A parking lot or trailhead is not a "random spot."

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so i guess its ok to proceed....

I'm guessing Keystone and others are rather busy on a weekend and can't always instantly respond....but in general, yeah, so long as you provide GPS coords to the first stage of any cache, it's usually viable, per the examples I cited above.


Of course, you could also contact your local reviewer directly with these queries. :blink:

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When I placed my By the Elfin Moon, which is much like what you have described, I ran the idea by my local reviewer, to check the idea and to make sure it would not conflict with any multi's or unpublished caches. I also wanted him know I would be working on the cache for a couple weeks and did not want anyone to slide in there and block mine.



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