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Release any new bugs lately?


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CH-148 Cyclone


This is a little toy made by matchbox. It is a replica of one of the early prototypes of the Sikorsky H92 Super Hawk. I did some work on the program to militarise the H-92 Super Hawk, resulting in the CH-148 Cyclone. I painted the toy grey to match the colour of the Cyclone.


This is a pic on internet of what the original toy looked like


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this one is going out in the next few days...I wonder how much or if it will grow along the way


Nice Idea. Does the bug page state that finders can add their own pick. It is kind of looked poorly appon to add stuff unless invited to by the bug owner.


Edit: Found the bug page, and I see that it does say it would like to pick up more picks. Cool bug!

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Yep, Aldo.


That's a travel bug? How many caches do you think he will fit it...? Is he just for events?


He's pretty much mostly for events and random discovery. You can see on its page that it is "in" a micro right now. Obviously he won't fit in the micro, but if you are visiting said micro, it can be seen from there and can be discovered.

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Our new bugs:

Colby's Hammer




and atomicwaffles27 (my daughter) launched Canard de Voyage



The three are in a race back to our cache.


We were so excited to launch them that we didn't take very good pictures. I also didn't glue the chain shut or get them put into zip lock bags like I had planned on doing. We launched them while on a family vacation and we ended up going by the cache to launch them a couple of days earlier then we originally planned on.

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Well here he/it is our first Travel Bug.


A Sailor's Tale


A Sailors Tale


He will be placed in his first Cache this weekend, somewhere in Yorkshire.


Very nice! Don't forget to take it caching locally before you place it further away. That way the mileage (or kilomireage B)) starts close to home.


Thank you, visited one cache so far.

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Just enabled our first 5 TBs. Only after I'd dropped off the first 3 in a cache in Germany whilst on a business trip did I realise I missed that trick. There is a method for correcting your mistake here : forum thread


Here are the 3 currently sat near Munich :


A Princess Needs a Home


Matty's Football Quest


Travel Hug!!!


Here are the 2 yet to be released :


E3 For Me!


Reach the Beach

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This is my son's travle bug. He loves his video games, so we procured a broken Nintendo DS, drilled a hole through it, and attached a travel bug. We will be releasing is to the wild soon.


It is unfortunate that it is pink, but when you are trying to get stuff for free, what is the saying...Beggers can't be choosers.

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I have recently released two new bugs...


The first is Mint Sauce, who is a personal bug and joins me caching so gets his own sets of tags and log - http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.aspx?id=3567054




The second I have released to travel on its own with a mission of travelling around visiting a range of duck approved locations - ponds, rivers, etc... Rubber Duckie - http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.aspx?id=3567053




I did make a mistake in picking a nice localish cache for him to start in, which is relevant to the mission but more importantly not particularly well visited. I will give him a wee while to start his trip, if not I may make an executive decision and shift him to a new cache to restart...

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...I did make a mistake in picking a nice localish cache for him to start in, which is relevant to the mission but more importantly not particularly well visited. I will give him a wee while to start his trip, if not I may make an executive decision and shift him to a new cache to restart...

That can be a problem. I have some duck pond caches, and they don't get visited very often at all. I find that if a cache requires more than 2 min. of walking, the find rate is very low.

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Where did you get that coated cable and crimpt thingy? I can never seem to find those.... I end up just crimping the ball chain clip with pliers.


Home Depot. In the section where they sell clothes lines, chains, etc. The crimpy thing is in the same section, can't remeber what they are called though.


I tested the TBs with the regular steel cables and found that they put some wear and tear on the TB tag hole, so I switched to the coated ones. I also crimped one end then put some super glue in before crimping the other end. Using a bead will keep the tag from coming in contact with the crimps, which are sharp enough to scratch the tracking code.

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Well my daughter came up with this idea. Might have been done before but i don't know. I was not sure if it would break any rules that I don't know about but she had already started making it so I let her and let her release it into one of our new caches. The FTF really liked it. She named it cache in a cache! The goal is to travel around and get signatures and change some swag just like a micro cache but it would be a cache in a cache. I thought it was a great idea! We asked that when the log got full the person who finds it take a pic of the log for us to see then change it out or add another log. I see there is one posted here that has the same idea without the room for some small swagg. This pic was before we added the log and swagg.





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New Bugs set free recently


Diomede the WarhorseRecently retrieved from Brownsea Island

Red TykeCurrently on Brownsea Island

Barnsley Bulldog Currently waiting the start of the Nottingham to Nottingham Race

Fast BoatTaking part in the Jersey to New Jersey Race. Currently appears to be in Holland, having travelled via Hong Kong. :laughing:


Three released on behalf of cadets

Sir BedivereSir LancelotSir Galahad

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